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48th Annual General Assembly 2016

2016 AGA Annual Report

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As President of the Manitoba Metis Federation, it is my privilege to invite you to join our 48th Annual General Assembly (AGA) as a sponsor, tradeshow participant or delegate. The AGA will take place on September 23rd to the 25th, 2016. This website contains everything you need to take part.

WATCH: President Chartrand State of the Nation Address at MMF 48th Annual General Assembly

General Information and Delegate Registration

The Manitoba Metis Federation is the self-government representative that promotes the political, social, cultural, and economic interests and rights of the Metis Nation within Manitoba. We deliver programs and services to our community including: child and family services; justice; housing; youth; education; human resources; economic development and natural resources.

The MMF was founded in 1967 by a group of forward thinking Metis who realized that it was necessary to stand up and fight for the rights of the Metis in Manitoba. Since then, the MMF has grown to over 650 staff throughout the Province, and has successfully promoted, protected and advanced the interests of its members. The Federation negotiates with the Provincial and Federal governments to access funding to provide services to the Metis people of Manitoba.

The Annual General Assembly is a fundamental part of our governance structure. There our citizens review our accomplishments and celebrate our success. The AGA provides each of us the opportunity to help set our goals and provides clear direction on upcoming investments and future priorities.

Our past offers guidance and is intimately linked to our present and our future. Through the leadership of Louis Riel and others, the Metis were the Founders of Manitoba. Under Riel, the Legislative Assembly of the Assiniboine became Manitoba’s first provincial government. The signing of the Manitoba Act in 1870 brought this province into Confederation, making us partners in the great country of Canada.

Today, the Metis continue to play an integral part in Manitoba’s cultural life and economic prosperity.

Youth Conference

The 2016 AGA Youth Conference theme is Careers, Leadership & Empowerment. To see this year`s Youth Conference Agenda, please visit our Youth Services page.

Sponsorship and Tradeshow Information

The Métis represent a significant buying group in our province’s marketplace. The MMF is your gateway to this market segment. What better way to spread the word about your business?

Did you know the Métis people are the fastest growing Indigenous population in Canada? Our consumer base is over 100,000 people in Manitoba, and close to 400,000 across Western Canada.

With 3,000 delegates, exhibitors and guests attending our AGA, the Federation boasts the largest gathering of Métis delegates in Canada. AGA participants include Métis business owners, government agencies and individual consumers. All of them come to our Assembly to review our accomplishments and celebrate our achievements. The AGA is also a great place to do business.

This package contains many new options for supporting our event and provides a wide variety of marketing vehicles to help you reach out to Métis citizens across the province. Sponsoring our AGA lets the Manioba Métis Community learn about your business and shows that you support the Métis; that you care about what matters to them; and, that they are the customers and clients you are looking for!

Our tradeshow supports up to 75 booths each year, enabling companies, Crown Corporations and government agencies to market directly to the Métis people. Tradeshow traffic is substantial over these two days, and I encourage you to take part by registering your space on the floor today!

Your contribution helps to enhance the participation of our Youth, Elders and Citizens. The MMF appreciates your support, my Cabinet, Delegates, Youth and Elders appreciate your contribution.

I invite you to join us as a guest and partner as we celebrate our Métis leadership, build our Métis Nation and help to create a strong future for all Manitobans.

Believe in yourself – believe in Métis



For more information on sponsoring the 48th Annual General Assembly or participating in the tradeshow, please email Jasmine Langhan.