Central Registry Office


The Central Registry Office is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Métis Citizenship and Harvester identification card application approvals and associated processes. The Central Registry Office maintains a database for MMF Citizenship, ensures that all of our Citizens’ information is up-to-date, and assists Métis people through the process to obtain Métis Citizenship with the MMF. Using an objectively verifiable process, the Central Registry Office ensures that all of our Citizens and Harvesters meet the definition of ‘Métis’ as per the MMF Constitution and the nationally-adopted definition which includes self-identification, ancestral connection and community acceptance.

The definition in the MMF Constitution, which is critical to exercising our rights to self-determination and self-government, reads in part:

“Métis” means a person who self-identifies as Métis, is of historic Métis Nation Ancestry, is distinct from other Aboriginal Peoples and is accepted by the Métis Nation.”

The historic ancestry component of the definition is confirmed through a Citizen’s official genealogy. A genealogy is more than a revelation of a family’s legacy and its Manitoba Métis Community heritage; it is a reclamation of identity which many felt the need to hide over generations. We encourage all of our Métis Citizens to obtain their genealogy; to claim their birthright and confirm their Citizenship with the MMF and the Métis Nation. A genealogy from the St. Boniface Historical Society providing proof of Métis ancestry currently costs $25..

The Central Registry Office has issued a total of 30,322 Citizenship cards and 15,087 Harvester cards to date. During the past year, from July 2017 to July 2018, the Central Registry Office has:

  • Approved 4,899 new Citizenship cards
  • Taken in 489 Out of Province Applications
  • Approved 3,457 Métis Harvester Identification cards

The Central Registry Office continues work to streamline and enhance Citizenship and Harvester card application processes through the ongoing development of the MMF Citizenship and Harvester Database. The Central Registry Office has been working closely with the MMF IT Department to develop a more technologically advanced database system. The Central Registry Office is moving toward an upgraded internal database system that will provide greater capabilities to expedite Citizenship and Harvester Card requests. This new database system will allow the Central Registry Office to access Citizenship and Harvester information in a more efficient manner, allowing us to better serve Métis Citizens. The Central Registry Office and the IT Department have gone through the development of some initial prototypes for a new database system and have met on multiple occasions to do further brainstorming. We have now come to a point where we are reaching the final stages of a new database system prototype which will be ready for initial testing in the very near future.

The Central Registry Office continues to undertake Indian Registry checks for all MMF applicants through the Federal Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada department. This is an important step in protecting our Métis identity and Citizenship. Formal letters are sent out to individuals identified on the Indian Registry list advising them that they are ineligible for MMF Citizenship due to their registration and their Citizenship cannot be approved or will be terminated. These individuals have the right to appeal this decision and any appeals are reviewed by the MMF Citizenship Tribunal Commission.

The Central Registry Office would like to remind Métis Citizens to be aware of when the expiry date is on your Citizenship card and ensure to have your card renewed when your expiry date is approaching. MMF Individual Citizenship Cards need to be renewed every five years. This five-year renewal date allows the Central Registry Office and Regional Offices to ensure that Citizens’ contact information, mailing addresses, and photos are up to date. The issue date and renewal date are listed on your Citizenship card below gender and eye colour. Citizenship cards issued between 2012 and 2013 are at or near their renewal dates and we encourage these Citizens to contact their Regional Office to renew their card. Children’s Citizenship cards expire when the person becomes eligible for an Individual Citizenship card with full voting rights.

For more information, please contact the Central Registry Office or your Regional Office.