Departments, Portfolios and Affiliates

Certain issues are of great importance to the Metis people of Manitoba and require additional attention. This dedicated and focused attention is accomplished through the Manitoba Metis Federationís portfolio structure. There are two types of portfolios: those that are supported by a department and those that exist in policy only.

The types of portfolios that are developed and maintained by the Federation are determined by the Metis people. Through their representatives, members communicate to the Board of Directors which issues are important and require a specialized focus. For example, the Federation recently established two new portfolios in response to member concerns. The Manitoba Hydro and Environment portfolios deal with issues surrounding proposed hydro developments and the preservation of our natural resources.

Below are a list of current MMF portfolios and the executives dedicated to each.

Energy and Infrastructure

Minister: Jack Park

Metis Child & Family Services

Metis Community Liaison Department

Minister: Judy Mayer
Associate Minister: Carol Laramee

Natural Resources & Agriculture

Minister: Alfred Anderson
Associate Minister: Vincent Parenteau

Pemmican Publications

Minister: Andrew Carrier

Provincial Education

Minister: Joan Ledoux

Economic Development


  • Pharmacy
  • Affinity Card

Minister: Leah LaPlante
Associate Minister: Andrew Carrier

Housing & Property Management

$5.5 million Housing Initiative
Property Management:

  • 150 Henry Avenue
  • MEDO Square
  • Ottawa Office
  • The Pas Office (CFS)
  • Dauphin Office (CFS)
  • And other assets to be determined

Minister: Will Goodon


Minister: John Parenteau

Constitution, Métis Rights & Métis Nation Agenda

Minister: Claire Riddle


Minister: Julyda Lagimodiere

Heritage, Culture, Sports & Youth

Minister: Richard Genaille
Associate Minister: Mona Buors


Minister: Frances Chartrand
Associate Minister: Mona Buors

Michif Languages, Residential Schools & Riel House

Minister: Andrew Carrier

Environment & Mining

Minister: Jean Desrosiers

Finance & Human Resources

Minister: Anita Campbell

Land Claims

Minister: David Chartrand
Associate Minister: Denise Thomas

Tripartite Self-Government Negotiations

Minister: Denise Thomas

Children, Youth & Families

Associate Minister: Judy Mayer

Economic Development

Associate Minister: Leah LaPlante

Education & Training

Associate Minister: Joan Ledoux


Associate Minister: Will Goodon

Database & Enumeration

Associate Minister: Claire Riddle

Metis Employment & Training (MET)

Minister: John Fleury
Associate Minister: Joan Ledoux

Provincial HRD Committee

Minister: David Chartrand
Jack Park
John Fleury
Jean Desrosiers
Anita Campbell
Ex Officio: Joan Ledoux

Strategic Planning & Policy Committee

Minister: David Chartrand
Anita Campbell
Leah LaPlante
Jack Park
Andrew Carrier
Will Goodon

Metis Economic Development Trust

Minister: Anita Campbell
Minister: Jack Park
Minister: Andrew Carrier
Minister: Leah LaPlante

Louis Riel Capital Corporation

Minister: Anita Campbell
Minister: Jack Park
Minister: Leah LaPlante
Muriel Parker
Jim Bruce

MNC Alternate to the President

Minister: Denise Thomas