Departments, Portfolios and Affiliates

Tripartite Self-Government Negotiations

Minister: Denise Thomas
Children, Youth & Families Associate Minister: Mona Buors
Education & Training Associate Minister: Joan Ledoux
Housing Associate Minister: Will Goodon
Governance Associate Minister: Judy Mayer
Natural Resources & Citizenship Associate Minister: Shawn Nault

History of TSN

The MMF Tripartite table arose out of the constitutional discussions of the late 1980's. At that time, federal representatives travelled across Canada to consult with Aboriginal groups, including Metis, on Aboriginal and Treaty rights. Provincial governments were also included in these consultations. During the course of these discussions it became apparent that a significant quality of life gap existed between Metis and non-Aboriginal people. Subsequently, tripartite discussions between the MMF, Manitoba and Canada arose as a formal approach to addressing these issues and the first TSN agreement was adopted in 1987.

TSN is an important mechanism in the advancement of MMF strategic objectives. The department is mandated to assist the development and sustainability of the MMF and its institutions, and is committed to managing and influencing matters directly affecting the Metis community. The process operates in accordance with a number of concurrent governance and policy initiatives which provide a framework for strategic planning and the coordination of resources. The key policy considerations of the department stem from the TSN steering committee (MMF), the Manitoba Métis Policy and the Métis Nation Protocol.


To the enhance the wellbeing of the Manitoba Metis community by promoting and strengthening the institutions of self-government through robust tripartite arrangements and effective partnerships between the MMF, the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba.


To promote a strong and representative Metis government through the development of self-sufficient Metis institutions, and sustained efforts in the promotion of the political, legal, social and economic interests, and inherent rights of the Manitoba Metis community.


In accordance with the MMF vision, the TSN:

  • Facilitates the development and implementation of strategic policy initiatives and the devolution of institutions of self-government in partnership with the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba.
  • Focuses its work on substantive policy, intergovernmental relationships, negotiations and emerging initiatives that provide guidance to the operations of MMF sectors, departments and affiliates.
  • Leverages TSN arrangements to secure resources that contribute to the self-sustaining capacity of the Manitoba Metis community.

Annual General Assembly (AGA)

TSN participates in the AGA maintaining a booth at the trade show and facilitates a workshop on the first day. The TSN booth provides insight to constituents on TSN activities and initiatives, and distributes literature of historical and educational value, including The Last Written Words of Louis Riel (2009), the portrait of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia (2012), and the 1869 Metis List of Rights (2011).

The 2013 TSN workshop explored the theme "institutional capacity building", building on the outcomes of previous workshops on intra-governmental capacity and Resolution 8 (Duty to Consult). The TSN workshop is a feature in the engagement of the Metis citizens on matter of concern to the community.

TSN produced a booklet to update the 2013 AGA on TSN initiatives and outlining its 2013-16 Strategy.

TSN also produced booklet on Resolution 8

Aligned with the 2013 AGA theme 'Land Claim 2013: Our Time Has Come', a booklet was developed and distributed to the AGA outlining the Supreme Court of Canada's decision.

Portfolio: Education, Culture and Heritage

The Education, Culture and Heritage sector focuses on the success of Metis learners in educational programs while fostering an understanding of the culture, heritage and history of the Metis people in Manitoba. TSN is working in collaboration with the Louis Riel Institute, the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba to develop a Metis Education Policy, which will span the lifelong learning continuum of Metis students beginning in early childhood, continuing through Kindergarten to grade 12 to post-secondary education and beyond.

Portfolio: Economic Development

In 2007, TSN began negotiations with the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba to create a Metis Economic Development Strategy (MEDS). In 2009 the MEDS was successfully completed and its implementation commenced.

From the MEDS, TSN worked in partnership with the MMF Economic Development Department to implement a number of initiatives including the development of the MMF for profit entity, the Metis Economic Development Organization (MEDO) and the MMF $10 million investment fund, the Metis Economic Development Fund (MEDF).

The vision for the Economic Development process is to continue to foster strong, healthy and self-reliant Metis families, local communities and businesses, making Metis quality of life comparable to that of other Manitobans and Canadians. TSN will continue to work closely with the Economic Development Department by providing support in the continued development of its Metis Economic Development Policy.

Portfolio: Housing

TSN has worked with the MMF Housing sector in engaging the Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada in identifying new housing opportunities taking place within the province. TSN worked on three initiatives: 10 House Project - Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI); the next AHI project phase in 2009-2010; and other housing initiatives such as the Ready-to-Move housing plant for major repairs and replacement of the Rural and Native Housing Program houses under the federal stimulus initiative. A partnership between Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Metis Association resulted in the allocation of five HOMEWorks! units to Metis people in 2009.

Portfolio: Children, Youth and Families

The Children, Youth and Families sector's goal is to enhance Metis family life in Manitoba by promoting cultural identity, physical and emotional health as well as enhancing the capacities of Metis families. Working closely with the Metis Child and Family Services Authority and members of the MMF's Phoenix Sinclair Working Group TSN prepared a report for the Commission of Inquiry into the Circumstances Surrounding the Death of Phoenix Sinclair entitled "Métis Children and Families, and the Child Welfare System An Urban Winnipeg Perspective". TSN continues to assist with the development of best practice positions that reflect the needs of the Metis community.

Portfolio: Database and Enumeration

The Database and Enumeration sector is responsible for supporting other departments and programs with statistical information and advice. Currently, the sector is cataloguing the data compiled to date to make it more accessible and expedient. Ultimately, the database will be designed to be accurate and sustainable, containing the information necessary to better attune programs to Metis needs.

TSN worked on developing a policy that would be the Self-Government Institution for Metis Membership. TSN successfully developed the policy for membership and registrar.

TSN Timeline

A timeline of tripartite initiatives and achievements.