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Minister: Leah LaPlante

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

MMF Committed to Following the Direction of the Annual General Assembly:

As you know, at the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) 40th Annual General Assembly on Sept.14, 2008, the following four membership-related resolutions were unanimously supported and passed by the delegates:

Resolution #1 (re: Individual Membership)

For new applications for membership, this resolution clarifies the need for a genealogy and supporting evidentiary documents showing the applicant's Metis Nation Ancestry. For current members, genealogies and documents must be provided by September 1st, 2014.

Resolution #2 (re: Termination of Membership)

This resolution provides further clarity to addressing memberships that do not meet the Metis definition and the genealogy and supporting evidentiary document requirements of the individual membership classification.

Resolution #3 (re: Application Process)

The resolution offers the Board of Directors the option to delegate its membership authorities to the Regional Committees, or other committees as the Board of Directors shall determine, thereby making the process consistent with current practices.

Resolution #4 (re: Appeals)

This amendment provides the Board of Director authority to determine and appoint the Membership Appeals Tribunal and prescribe the form and manner of the appeals. This amendment also completes full removal of the Senate from the Constitution.

Membership Development

To meet the direction provided by the Annual General Assembly, the MMF Constitution minister responsible for membership, working with the Tripartite Self-Government Negotiations (TSN) minister, the vice-presidents and a number of directors of the board, developed proposed enabling resolutions and required documents.

MMF staff from the Central Registry Office, TSN, Policy Unit, IT, Finance, Justice, Communications and other departments and portfolios contributed to the development of the necessary processes and procedures, which are reflected in the resolutions.

The development included three all-day workshops for the MMF vice-presidents, with a number of directors of the board attending, and senior staff. In addition, there were a series of meetings between the minister of Constitution responsible for membership, the minister of Tripartite Self-Government Negotiations and staff. These meetings have been essential contributions to guide the resolution and document development. As well, there were interim and final reviews of the documents and ongoing advice provided as needed by MMF legal counsel.

The MMF Constitution minister responsible for membership and staff are currently completing the final drafts of the procedures and documents to meet these new constitutional requirements.

We have also received a review of our prior system and our proposed revisions by an outside advisory organization called the Institute on Governance.

As per the Constitution, these newly developed policies and procedures will require the necessary reviews and approvals and the passing of enabling or implementation resolutions by the MMF board of directors.

We have clarified the application process, including the necessary documents and signatures. We are setting up the Membership Appeals Tribunal and a Membership Registry Office to ensure consistent administration and to ensure all applicants and existing members are treated equally and fairly.

For instance, a new and enhanced Membership Application Package is being developed to reflect all the membership requirements.

The new Membership Application Packages will include a step-by-step process and checklist to assist new applicants. Supports will include detailed materials for Local Executives and Regional Membership Clerks to assist them in reviewing what is required for membership, including the evidentiary documents to be used to support Metis ancestry.

This is all being done to meet the directions from the AGA and in an effort to prevent Metis identity theft.


The MMF also continues to assist in the development of the genealogical database maintained by the St. Boniface Historical Society. We are helping to build their capacity to meet an expected increase demand for genealogies as well as increasing their resources for research and data input.

We are working with them to bring down the costs of getting a genealogy. For instance, a genealogy from the St. Boniface Historical Society providing proof of Métis ancestry currently costs $25..

Also to meet the expected increased demand, we have worked on the creation of family genealogies (family pages) identifying all the children of the applicant, which have been included with genealogical reports to help with the costs of attaining genealogies. This has much simplified the process.

In Conclusion

This is a very brief report of the membership-related activities currently underway. Much work has been completed over the past year, but there is much more to be done. Together, we will continue to build our membership system.

We are following the AGA direction from you, our People. We are developing a robust, objective, verifiable and professional system of which we will be the pride of the Metis Nation.

To obtain a genealogy, please visit the following website:

St. Boniface Historical Society