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Louis Riel Institute

Minister: Joan Ledoux
Associate Minister: David Beaudin

LRI website:

As an affiliate of the Manitoba Metis Federation, the Louis Riel Institute is responsible to the Métis people of Manitoba to provide programs, resources and services related to its mandate.


The Louis Riel Institute (LRI) is the mandated authority responsible for Métis education and culture in Manitoba.


The Louis Riel Institute advances the education of Métis people. The LRI is responsible for promoting the values, culture, heritage and history of Métis in Manitoba.


The Louis Riel Institute will serve the Métis Nation of Manitoba through the advancement of education and culture.

Programs currently offered:

Standing Tall

The concept "Standing Tall" was based on an educational concept from New Zealand created by and for its indigenous people as a means of providing additional supports to their children in school. It is an adaptation of the Maori program, "Tu Tangata," literally translated means "standing tall", which denoted the pride the Elders in the Maori community wanted for its younger people. Standing Tall was initiated because the indigenous community could see its children were struggling in the public school system, with poor attendance, high suspensions and drop-out rates and an increase in gang involvement and drug and alcohol use. At the present time William Whyte and Niji Mahkawa; (two inner city schools) have 8 Standing Tall Support personnel (4 per school) working with the children, community and school system all working with a program coordinator.

Adult Learning Centre

The Louis Riel Institute Adult Learning Centre is a Manitoba certified Adult Learning and Literacy Centre. We are partnered with The University of Winnipeg Collegiate and funded by the Province of Manitoba's Adult Learning and Literacy Branch.

The Louis Riel Institute Adult Learning Centre is a non-traditional high school for adults. Our centre is learner focused and we strive to create an academic environment that is safe, comfortable and supportive. Courses are delivered in modules using an On-line Course Delivery Portal and/or through classroom delivery. We integrate technology into all of our courses and have a fully equipped computer lab available to support our learners.

Métis Training Centre of Excellence programs are relevant, highly experiential and practical based on comprehensive research. They are designed to assist participants to identify, understand and address the issues of our times. Our Certified Professional Trainers are engaging adult educators and our sessions are highly effective. Together, these elements form a winning combination. Métis Training Centre of Excellence can design, develop, customize and tailor training to meet and accommodate you, your staff and your organizational needs.

Little Métis Family Fun Events encourage families to learn and play together at our fun-filled events built around Métis culture and history. Some activities include Métis Jeopardy, Red River Construction, Manitoba Map Maze, jigging and playing the spoons. Any organization can request this event for their hall or gym. The Louis Riel Institute provides all supplies, games, activities and book prizes, along with some great volunteers.

-Also available: Métis Educational Game Making Workshops

Little Métis Sing with Me

A parent/child early years program which incorporates Métis culture and essential skills, such as literacy and continuous learning, through the use of music, rhymes, songs, books and activities. The Michif language is also introduced at a basic level through the books and rhymes.

- Also available: Facilitator Training for Little Métis Sing With Me Program
History in the Classroom

LRI offers educational and culturally appropriate presentations and teaching to schools and other groups. Due to the increasing demand for Métis cultural and historical presentations across the province, LRI is developing a Speakers' Bureau to provide materials and training to community members interested in making presentations. The goal for this year is to have 10 Métis topics developed into Speakers Kits with notes, visuals, props and activities for use in training as well as available for borrowing by Speakers.

Fort Whyte Summer Day Camp

There are four different camps to attend, each with its own age group ranging from six to thirteen years old. Children have the chance to experience swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts, storytelling, and other fun activities. The older children are also able to participate in exciting things such as rappelling, archery, and kayaking. Applicants registered at the LRI for one week blocks according to their age group.

Riel House

LRI is delivering interpretive programming at Riel House this spring and summer. School programming for kindergarten to grade 6 is being offered during May and June 2013. Riel House will also be open to the general public from July 1st through September long weekend from Thursday to Monday each week.

Summer programming includes:

  • Beading with Paint
  • Butter and Bannock making
  • The River Lot System
  • Riel House Tour
  • Re-enacting the Red River Resistance
  • The History of Louis Riel
  • Traditional Story Telling and Coloring
  • Riel House Relay Race ( trade in the 1800's)
  • Buffalo Hunt Game

Riel House will have several special events taking place as well for the general public and group tours. Some highlights include:

  • Saturday Workshops- traditional crafts such as:
    • Sash weaving on a loom
    • Rope making
    • Beadwork
    • Capote making
  • Métis Jam Night - Every Thursday in July and August 6-8 pm
  • Riel Descendents' Weekend - July 25-28, 2013
  • Harvest Corn Roast - August 25th, 2013

LRI Resources

We publish many books on Métis culture and history written for various age groups from pre-school to adult. Most are available in French and English. We also offer historical publications for research and general interest as well as Michif language resources and DVD's for learning to speak Michif. We also provide Metis Educational Resource Kits for teaching tools. LRI also produces historical travelling exhibits on different aspects of Métis culture which are circulated to different events around the province.

Financial Aid & Awards

Louis Riel Bursaries are administrated through our office in partnership with post-secondary institutions throughout the province. LRI staff provide direct information and assistance to individuals and groups looking for financial aid and award information on scholarships, bursaries and other sources of funding for post-secondary education. This service continues to be in high demand and is an important part of meeting the Louis Riel Institute's educational mission.