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Infinity Women

Spokeswoman: Anita Campbell



  • Promote, empower and enhance our social, economic, and political well-being;
  • Preserve and safe guard our history, values, culture, language and traditions;
  • Foster grassroots initiatives;
  • Advocate and facilitate effective means of addressing Métis women's issues, either individually or as a collective; and
  • Encourage and support the full participation of all Métis women within and outside the Métis Nation.

As a new affiliate, the Infinity Women Secretariat recently became incorporated under the Articles of Incorporation (without Share Capital) under The Corporations Act in the province of Manitoba. Our main purpose is to promote, empower and enhance the social, cultural and economic well-being of Metis Women. We are currently working on completing our Infinity Women Secretariat By-Laws and planning for our inaugural Annual General Assembly.

The Board of Directors is comprised of eight Directors: One Provincial Spokeswoman (elected Province-wide), and seven Regional directors (elected regionally).

Board of Directors

Anita Campbell, Spokeswoman

Muriel Parker, Vice-Spokeswoman, Northwest Region

Loretta Boulard, Treasurer, Winnipeg Region

Dee Chaboyer, Secretary, Thompson Region

Shannon Dupont, Interlake Region

Joan Church, Southwest Region

Brandi Vezina, Southeast Region

Lori Bulycz, The Pas Region

Although we continue to move forward with limited resources, we consider ourselves fortunate to have the support of so many people who are giving of their time to help us achieve this important initiative, to address and support issues that affect Metis women in this province.

If you have any questions about Infinity Women Secretariat, or would like more information, please contact our Spokeswoman Anita Campbell at


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