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Minister: John Parenteau

The fisheries portfolio is committed to the continual betterment of one of the most significant activities that our people have partaken in, and represents a large proportion of the Metis economy. The Fisheries portfolio initiatives continue to explore ways to improve the lives of our Metis people across the province with respect to sustainable fishing practises, stewardship, and community developments.

Lobbying for Flood Compensation

Metis fishers were drastically affected by the 2011 diversion of flood waters into Lake Manitoba. No compensation has been provided to these fishers for loss of income, nor has any assistance in reinvigorating the fishery been offered. The MMF has been working to lobby government officials federally and provincially to include fishers in compensation programs for the 2011 flood. We are also working to help the provincial government understand the negative impacts caused by the diversion itself.

St. Laurent Walleye Rearing Ponds

The rearing ponds in St. Laurent were designed to help conserve walleye (pickerel) populations in Lake Manitoba. Each year that they are in operation, 400,000 fingerlings are released into Lake Manitoba to help sustain the walleye populations. In 2011, the rearing ponds were extensively flooded and now require restoration work to make them operational once again. We are currently looking at funding opportunities and possible compensation to be able to continue this important work.

Dual Marketing for Fishers

The MMF has been working to organize and lobby Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation and federal and provincial governments to change the current rules for Export Permit Licenses and to allow fishers the option of dual marketing for rough fish.

Delta Marsh Carp Exclusion

The MMF has been partnering with Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation (MHHC) and the Province of Manitoba to help reduce carp populations in the Delta Marsh. Carp, an invasive fish species, are destructive, reducing water quality and degrading habitat for other species of fish. Carp exclusion screens were installed, and Metis fishers will harvest the carp, while simultaneously collecting data such as size and weight.

If you have any questions about the Manitoba Metis community and fisheries, or you have an idea for a project, please call Branden Thorsteinson at 204-586-8474 ext. 225 or email