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Manitoba's forestry industry is the 5th largest manufacturing sector in the province. The forestry industry can provide business and employment opportunities to our Metis people in timber and non-timber product harvesting; however, the Metis people have struggled to gain equitable access to these opportunities and to decision-making and forest management processes on our traditional lands.

Manitoba River Integrated Wood and Biomass Project

The MMF and Metis Economic Development Organization (MEDO) met with the Manitoba Model Forest and Prendiville Industries to discuss involvement in their forestry initiatives. Prendiville is looking to acquire a licence for the timber stand previously held by Tembec. Prendiville is seeking partnerships with Aboriginal communities for joint venture forest management, Aboriginal procurement, contracting opportunities (such as road building, tree felling, replanting, etc.) and to expand their customer base for processing timber by-products (woodchips and shavings). Prendiville and the Model Forest are also partnered with Ainsworth Energy, a company that converts biomass to renewable liquid fuels and renewable chemicals. Ainsworth is planning to build two plants, one in Pine Falls and one in Kenora.

Manitoba Model Forest is responsible for facilitating community engagement and providing administrative support in the forestry projects. They also plan to develop their own shared forest stewardship company. The MMF has been invited to sit on the Manitoba River Integrated Wood and Biomass Project Steering Committee.

Manitoba Conservation and the Duty to Consult

The MMF met with Manitoba Conservation's Thompson Regional Forester to discuss Metis consultation regarding forestry activity of Tolko. Every year in February, Manitoba Conservation receives an outline of Tolko's proposed forestry activity for the upcoming year, and then MB conservation consults with First Nations on the proposed activities. The MMF has requested to be included in the consultations and has sent a formal consultation work plan to Conservation and is awaiting a reply.

If you have any questions about the Manitoba Metis community and forestry, or you have an idea for a project, please call Branden Thorsteinson at 204-586-8474 ext. 225 or email