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Metis Economic Development Organization (MEDO)

Minister: David Chartrand
Associate Minister: Darrel Ferland

The Metis Economic Development Organization is an investment and management firm that works with the Manitoba Metis Federation to make key business decisions based on generating profit and building capacity of the Metis government, Metis-owned businesses and Metis citizens.

As a Crown Corporation for the Metis government, MEDO is based on the principles of a "for benefit" corporation. Our goal is to build sustainability and improve the quality of life for Metis citizens through engagement with private and public sector partnerships.

When tied into the Metis government and its membership, this structure allows the private sector to partner with MEDO in order to identify and target this fastest-growing sector of Canada's population. The Metis have a long history of economic participation and business development in Manitoba. MEDO continues that legacy with our interests in land development, business investment and management, employment and retail pharmacy services aimed at improved health outcomes for Metis people.

Our financial services support Metis business growth, which our MEDO Affinity Program harnesses the buying power of the Metis consumer audience through group buying among our merchant partners.

As a for-benefit, MEDO's purpose is to improve the quality of life for the Metis people, fostering strong, healthy and self-reliant families, communities and businesses by understanding the barriers to Metis economic development, positioning people and businesses to take advantage of economic opportunities and helping build networks and partnerships.
150 Henry Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
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