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MEDOCare Pharmacy

Located at 150 Henry Avenue in Winnipeg, MEDOCare is a retail community pharmacy dedicated to improving the health outcomes of Manitoba's Metis population and all pharmacy clients. This pharmacy dispensary and consultation centre was developed in partnership with Procurity Inc., one of Canada's leading chain of independent pharmacies. MEDOCare's mission is to provide high quality health care and excellent service to help achieve the best health outcomes for clients and their families.

MEDOCare's key services:

  • Health programs and consultation services
  • Annual medication profile review
  • Medication information and counseling
  • Dose administration and continuity care
  • Direct patient and physician referrals
  • Prescription renewal and direct delivery
150 Henry Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 0J7
204-942-7220 or 1-877-635-5931