Departments, Portfolios and Affiliates

Economic Development

Minister: Leah LaPlante
Associate Minister: Andrew Carrier

Since 2007, the MMF, through the Tripartite Self-Government Negotiations Department (TSN), the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba worked in partnership to create a Metis Economic Development Strategy (MEDS). The vision for the process was to foster strong, healthy and self-reliant Metis families, local communities and businesses, making Metis quality of life comparable to that of other Manitobans and Canadians. The MEDS was completed and formally announced in 2009.

The Economic Development Department is mandated to determine the feasibility of all economic development initiatives for the MMF. The Department is responsible for providing services rather than being directly involved in the generation of revenue for the MMF (see Metis Economic Development Organization (MEDO))


The Economic Development Department is committed to fostering, strong, healthy and self-reliant Metis families, local communities and businesses in the immediate, medium and long-term—through effective identification of prospects, building and maintaining networks and relationships, connecting business owners and workers with opportunities and stimulating and supporting start-up enterprises and the continued growth of existing businesses.


The Department of Economic Development strives to work towards developing solutions that move the MMF towards greater economic self-reliance. As part of this goal, the Department continues to remove barriers to Metis economic development in Manitoba and provide opportunities for Metis businesses and citizens, so that Metis quality life is comparable to that of other Manitobans and Canadians.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Establish positive working relationships with Provincial and Federal Government partners.
  2. Research and pursue business opportunities with the private sector.
  3. Promote business and procurement relationships and initiatives with Metis entrepreneurs and businesses.
  4. Provide business consultative and advisory services to the MMF and Metis business owners in the form of networking, business proposal development and government funding.
  5. Facilitate relationship building between Metis businesses and Federal and Provincial government agencies and departments.
  6. Promote and enhance the MMF's economic self-reliance.
  7. Track economic data and trends related to Metis business in Manitoba.

The Department works to increase the marketability of Metis businesses and entrepreneurs, to assist in business plan development, increase training opportunities, and to ensure that Metis people in Manitoba have opportunities to make their quality of life comparable to other Manitobans and Canadians. The Economic Development Department reports to the MMF Board of Directors through the Minister for Economic Development.