Departments, Portfolios and Affiliates

Metis Community Liaison Department

Minister: Judy Mayer
Associate Minister: Carol Laramee

The Metis Community Liaison Department offers support services, resources, advocacy and referral to Metis individuals, families, Elders and communities.

The Metis Community Liaison Department's current initiatives include:

Neah Kee Papa Program

In May 1999, the MCLD identified a rising number of youth requiring services relevant to dealing with adolescent pregnancy. The research showed that although there were many programs available for young mothers, there was little in place for young fathers. As a result, the Neah Kee Papa Program was created.

The Neah Kee Papa Program is a parenting enhancement program for fathers. Components of the program include: Getting Started, Father's Role, Proactive Parenting, Like Skills, Health & Sexuality, Your Family & The Law, Effective Communication, Job Readiness and Family of Origin.

Little Moccasins

The Healthy Baby Program of Healthy Child Manitoba was formed in 2002 and consists of both a prenatal benefit for low-income mothers and a community support program. To date, there are 31 Healthy Baby Drop-In Programs across the province, wherein parents can learn more about the Manitoba Prenatal Benefit as well as have access to a public health nurse and nutritionist with respect to questions and concerns for pre and post-natal health. The Little Moccasins site is located at the Windsor Park United Church (1062 Autumnwood Drive).

Bereavement Fund

For many Metis families, grief from the loss of a loved one is exacerbated by the financial hardship that expenses associated with the loss present. At the 2004 MMF Annual General Assembly, President David Chartrand announced the commencement of the MMF Bereavement Fund. The MCLD assists in the facilitation of the Bereavement Fund. Despite the fact the MMF relies solely on donations and fundraising efforts for this initiative, requests for support are exorbitant.

Metis Elders Firewood Project

The MCLD assists in the facilitation of the Elders Firewood Project throughout the province. The MMF Interlake Region administers the project; however, the MCLD staff facilitates the intake process, maintains the yearly provincial database and assists in the proposal submissions for the project.

Christmas Celebrations

The MMF is aware that there are Metis children and families who are less fortunate and who will go without food during the Christmas season. The MCLD staff works with the Christmas Cheer Board by providing referrals, advocacy and support to our members, ensuring our Metis children and families are accessing this much-needed resource.

Community Development

The MCLD staff are active participants on a number of Parent-Child Coalitions across the province, bringing information from the MMF to the Metis communities. MCLD staff plays an active role in assisting at the regional meetings, the MMF Annual General Assembly, community meetings/consultations, social services conferences, as well as other promotional opportunities.

Without the commitment and dedication of the MMF Board of Directors lobbying the provincial and federal government, programs such as the MCLD would not be a reality. Through the successes of our program brought about by your financial assistance and support, we have been able to progress and provide quality and culturally appropriate services to our Metis children, families and elders at the local level across the province.