Message from the President

This week I will be accompanying the Prime Minister as a member of the Canadian Delegation to Commemorate the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Many Métis have been taught from an early age of Jesus saying at one time ‘There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’ This battle saw many thousands of people do exactly this – lay down their lives for their fellow friends and countrymen. Not only did they die for their friends, they also died for many people they did not know and would never meet. A number of these valiant heroes were Métis Nation Citizens. This week I will remember and honour our brave men and women who selflessly gave their lives for the freedoms you and I enjoy. Read more

About the MMF

The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) is the official democratic and self-governing political representative for the Metis Nation’s Manitoba Metis Community.

The MMF promotes the political, social, cultural, and economic interests and rights of the Metis in Manitoba. In addition, the MMF delivers programs and services to our community including: child and family services, justice, housing, youth, education, human resources, economic development and natural resources.