Out-of-Province Citizenship


Minister: Leah LaPlante

The Manitoba Métis are highly mobile, and dispersed across and beyond the Métis Nation Homeland. We are a community based on identity, history, family, economic, and other relationships. Our families and lands go well past the historic and present-day borders of Manitoba. Our people do not want their families split up by arbitrary and artificial borders - to be defined by boundaries not Métis-made nor of Métis-choosing. At the 2014 Annual General Assembly, our Citizens declared and passed a resolution stating it is no longer necessary to be a Manitoba resident to be an MMF Citizen.

Resolution 2: Manitoba Métis Community and Membership Applicationpassed by the 2014 Annual General Assembly of the Manitoba Metis Federation.

Out-of-Province Citizenship Applications

Given the traditional practice of mobility for Métis people and the history of the Métis Nation being forced to flee from our Homeland, many Métis people who have ancestral connections to Manitoba now live outside of the province.

MMF Membership Globally

In response to this, the Central Registry Office has been processing Out-of-Province Citizenship cards. This new option for our kin who have moved away from the historical Métis Homeland has had a very positive response.

The number of out-of-province applications to the Central Registry Office continues to grow on a daily basis. This endeavor recognizes the historic links our Citizens have with the Métis Nation, its land, and traditions, allowing people to reclaim and be proud of their Métis identity no matter where they reside.

For more information, please contact the Central Registry Office or your Regional Office.