Manitoba Metis Federation Unveils New Sign in St. Norbert

July 22, 2013

WINNIPEG - The St. Norbert Metis Council, a local chapter of the Manitoba Metis Federation, unveiled a new sign in St. Norbert on Saturday July 20th, 2013.

The new sign, erected on the south side of St. Norbert on highway 75, welcomes visitors to St. Norbert on behalf of the local, as well as, the Manitoba Metis Federation. The event was attended by President David Chartrand, Mr. Andrew Carrier, Winnipeg South MP, Mr. Rod Bruinooge, St. Norbert MLA Dave Gaudreau, CWS Regional Director, Mr. Rob Nedotiafko and members of the local Metis executive.

A similar sign welcoming visitors on behalf of the Manitoba Metis Federation posted outside of St. Rita Manitoba was recently vandalized. Since being erected in 2007, this is the third time that the sign has been vandalized. The defaced sign is in the process of being repaired.

Speaking to the incident, MMF President David Chartrand stated, "We want to make clear to all concerned. Given the recent Land Claims decision, with these signs the Metis are not laying claim to our land, but making sure that we are showcasing we are proud of our Metis heritage, our Metis Government, and our place in Manitoba History."

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