Respected Manitoba Metis leader honoured in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly

December 5, 2013

Highly respected Manitoba Metis leader, Elbert Chartrand, was honoured yesterday in the Mantitoba Legislative Assembly.

The MLA and Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Ron Kostyshyn addressed his fellow members, as well as, Elbert's widow Bernice, Chartrand family members and close friends attending in the viewers gallery.

Mr. Kostyshyn, along with his fellow members, including Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger, applauded the family, then went on to explain how Mr. Chartrand had worked at the Swan River Friendship Centre for 30 years, 29 years as the Executive Director. He was noted for his work on Metis housing. Mr. Chartrand also served on the Executive of the Manitoba Association of Friendship Centres as well. He was also active with the National Association of Friendship Centres and served as Vice-President of this organization.

It was point out that Mr. Chartrand had dedicated his career to bettering the lives of his people, working at the Swan River Friendship Centre for the last 30 years, with 29 of those years as their Executive Director. As well, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Manitoba Metis Federation in 1984 serving as their Finance Minister and as a Board member of the Northwest Region for 11 years, and he was currently serving his fourth term as the Vice President of the Northwest Region. Mr. Chartrand was renowned as a Metis hunter.

The occasion was quite moving as Mr. Kostyshyn spoke with pride as he recounted Elbert's wisdom, quiet manner, wry wit, humour. helping ways and his positive impact on the Swan River community and surrounding areas. The Chartrand family was presented with a framed letter to commemorate the occasion.

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