Manitoba Metis Federation statement on death of Nelson Mandela

December 6, 2013

Manitoba Metis Federation, David Chartrand paid tribute to former South Africa President Nelson Mandela who passed away at the age of 95.

He spoke on behalf of all members of the Manitoba Metis Federation as he expressed their admiration for the conviction and outstanding qualities of moral strength and political leadership displayed by Mandela throughout his lifetime.

“We all know that Mr. Mandela was celebrated for his unwavering dedication to human rights, equality and we join in expressing our sadness not only for all those in Manitoba and Canada, but around the world. Our hearts go out to the Mandela family, his many followers and admirers.”

“Mandela’s long fight against oppression and his decisive role in shaping a democracy for South Africa.” reflected, President Chartrand. “His vision, positive actions and life long fight against oppression in shaping the transition of a country echo the challenges faced by Metis Leader Louis Riel and the oppression of the Metis people of Manitoba so many years ago.”

During Nelson Mandela’s visit to the Canadian Rights Monument in Ottawa on September 24, 1998, at which time he was presented with and wore a traditional Metis sash throughout his entire visit that day. Mandela became an honourary Métis when he was presented with the Métis sash by the late Métis Senator John B. Boucher. This was a memorable day for all Metis across Canada as Mr. Mandela wore their traditional symbol with honour.

President Chartrand along with Metis dignitaries recently returned from a trip to Namibia, a neighboring country of South Africa. Following the trip to Africa, The Manitoba Metis Federation have taken it upon themselves to adopt a village to which supplies and clothing are now being sent for distribution.

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