MEDO Developments New Joint Venture with Pattison Outdoor Advertising

October 31, 2014

Manitoba's Aboriginal population is growing quickly, including an expanding business and entrepreneurial sector, yet Aboriginal firms have been under represented in responding to government procurement and private sector opportunities.

The Metis Economic Development Organization's property development and management division, MEDO Developments is rising to the challenge with a new joint venture with Pattison Outdoor Advertising. This is an Aboriginal owned business with MEDO retaining 51% of ownership.

The joint partnership also allows for participation within the Aboriginal Procurement Initiative (API). Procurement practices can be seen as one way to assist in the development of Aboriginal business and supports Manitoba's commitment to community economic development as a key component of Manitoba's economic strategy, intended to develop a provincial economy that is more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable. 

According to MEDO CEO, Blake Russell there are other added benefits, "We have and will continue to seek out partnerships that benefit the Metis people of Manitoba financially and through training and education. This joint venture builds on that promise and we look forward to its success on many levels."  

Pattison Outdoor Advertising are constantly developing products to meet the changing lifestyles of Canadians and the evolving needs of advertisers and marketers. This joint venture further develops their position as they open the door to Aboriginal Procurement through advertising placement for both the private sector, as well as, government crown corporations.  

This expanding range of unique product offerings and local market knowledge allows the MEDO/Pattison joint venture to deliver key demographic and geographic targeting requirements that today's advertisers demand.  

Pattison Director of Sales for MB/SK/Thunder Bay, Joanne Fershau shared that her interest and enthusiasm with this new opportunity. "Not only is it exciting for Pattison Outdoor to place a new super board in Winnipeg, but it is equally exciting to present businesses and government crown corporations with advertising opportunities as they successfully participate in Aboriginal procurement initiatives." 

With an estimated live date of the first week in November 2014, the 14 foot x 48 foot double-sided digital super board will be located on the MEDO Square 100 Sutherland Avenue property facing both flows of traffic on Disraeli Freeway which handles an estimated 31,300 daily drivers on their morning commute into downtown Winnipeg. Over $40K in taxes will be generated for the city.

The maximum loop length of a digital advertisement will be sixty seconds or ten 6 seconds of advertising exposure per minute. National in reach and local in focus, Pattison have 25 sales offices in cities across Canada.

The MEDO Developments is a subsidiary company of the Metis Economic Development Organization (MEDO). As a Crown corporation for the Metis government, MEDO is based on the principle of a "for benefit" corporation. Our goal is to build sustainability and improving the quality of life for Metis citizens through engagement with private and public sector partnerships.

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