The Manitoba Metis Federation, Government of Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro Commit to New, Constructive Relationship Collaborative Path Set Out to Build New Relationship

November 15, 2014

The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF), the Government of Manitoba, and Manitoba Hydro announced they have agreed to work to collectively build a constructive and productive working relationship.  President David Chartrand, Premier Greg Selinger, Hydro Minister Eric Robinson, and Hydro President & CEO Scott Thomson made the joint announcement today at the MMF’s 46th Annual General Assembly.

Discussions of ways  to build upon past cooperative initiatives culminated in the signing of a Term Sheet on November 6, 2014.  The Term Sheet is a critical first step in moving forward together. It will guide the preparation of a legally binding agreement to be called the Kwaysh-kin-na-mihk la paazh Agreement (which means turning the page in the Michif language).  This final agreement will outline measures aimed at building and sustaining a productive relationship amongst the parties as well as address impacts related to past projects and concerns about how the parties will work together going forward.

“Today represents a historic turning point in the Manitoba Métis Community’s relationship with the Government of Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro” said MMF President David Chartrand.  “This relationship has often been challenging, but we believe the Kwaysh-kin-na-mihk la paazh Agreement will turn the page and provide a solid foundation for us to deal with the past as well as focus on our future by working together.”

 “Today’s announcement ushers in a new era of cooperation between the Manitoba government, the Manitoba Metis Federation, and Manitoba Hydro,” said Premier Greg Selinger. “As we work to ensure Manitobans enjoy affordable, reliable energy now and in the future, we are pleased that we will also be moving forward with the MMF towards a positive, strong relationship.”

“Manitoba Hydro is very pleased to be moving forward with the MMF and the Province in forging a renewed, cooperative relationship,” said Scott Thomson, Manitoba Hydro’s President and CEO. “I’m confident this new agreement, once completed, will enable us to work together to meet the energy needs of Manitobans in a manner that reflects and respects the interests and rights of Métis.”

The Final Agreement will be based on the following principles:

  • Manitoba is committed to and recognizes that it has a duty to consult with the Métis when its decisions or actions might adversely affect the exercise of their Aboriginal Rights and to reasonably accommodate Métis concerns.
  • Manitoba Hydro is committed to avoiding, minimizing and, where appropriate, mitigating and offsetting the effects of its existing and future operations and developments on the Aboriginal Rights of the Métis.
  • The MMF is committed to representing the Manitoba Métis Community at the local, regional and provincial levels in relation to the Aboriginal rights of the Métis, the Crown's duty to consult and in order to address any potential effects from Manitoba Hydro's existing or future developments and operations on Métis rights, interests and way of life.

The parties are committed to completing and executing the Kwaysh-kin-na-mihk la paazh Agreement as soon as practicable. Further details will be released when the Final Agreement is completed.

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