Manitoba Metis Federation Meets with Ministerial Special Representative on Land Claim

June 26, 2015

Winnipeg, MB --- Today, Manitoba Metis Federation (“MMF”) President David Chartrand concluded three days of meetings with Canada’s recently appointed Ministerial Special Representative on the MMF Land Claim and Métis Section 35 Rights (Tom Isaac). The meetings were held at the MMF’s Home Office in Winnipeg in the heart of the Métis Nation’s Homeland.

MMF President Chartrand and Mr. Isaac discussed the history and fundamental purpose of the MMF Land Claim; namely, to negotiate and finalize a modern day land claim agreement between the MMF and the Crown as a mean to address the federal Crown’s breach of its constitutional duties flowing from s. 31 of the Manitoba Act, 1870 as well as to advance reconciliation with the Manitoba Métis Community. They also discussed what a negotiations framework going forward would look like.

Mr. Isaac also met with various MMF Ministers, MMF staff as well as some of the MMF’s institutions such as the Louis Riel Institute, Métis Child and Family Services and the Louis Riel Capital Corporation in order to better understand the government of the Métis people throughout Manitoba. During his visit to Winnipeg, Mr. Isaac also met with representatives from the Government of Manitoba.

MMF President Chartrand said, “I am very pleased with our initial meetings with Mr. Isaac. He is extremely well-versed in Aboriginal legal issues and clearly recognizes the national significance of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in the MMF Land Claim and the need to move forward on negotiations to deal with Canada’s breach in relation to s. 31 of the Manitoba Act, 1870.”

Over the next few months, Mr. Isaac will be meeting with other Métis Nation governments on Métis rights and reconciliation. He will also be returning to Manitoba in the future to visit several Métis communities and have further discussions with the MMF. He is required to provide his final report and recommendations to Canada by December 2015. This report will address two issues: (1) moving forward on the MMF Land Claim, and, (2) Métis section 35 rights and reconciliation.


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