Manitoba Métis able to use Métis Citizenship Card as Valid Identification for Federal Election Voter Registration

August 6, 2015

Winnipeg, MB (August 6, 2015) - With the federal election being called and the campaign underway it is important for our Métis citizens to exercise their democratic right and vote. The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) is happy to report Métis citizens are able to utilize their Métis Citizenship card as identification in the voter registration process.

“Until recently Elections Canada did not recognize the Manitoba Metis Federation membership card as a valid piece of ID for voter registration,” explains MMF President David Chartrand. “Realizing the difficulty for some of our members – especially our Elders – in being able to provide the necessary documentation to register as a voter, I wrote Elections Canada to express the importance of our members being able to exercise their democratic right to vote.”

To register to vote in the upcoming election, voters must provide valid identification that proves their identity and address.   Through the efforts of the MMF, Métis citizens can now use their membership card as one of the two required pieces of valid ID to prove their voter eligibility and to register to vote in the upcoming federal election.

“It is vitally important for each and every eligible Manitoba Métis citizen to vote in this upcoming election,” states President Chartrand. “With over 52,000 Métis of voting age, the Manitoba Métis represents a large segment of the electorate in our province. I want to encourage every Métis citizen, and especially our Métis youth, to exercise their democratic right and make their voice heard in this election.”

To help facilitate the sharing of information regarding the various federal party positions and statements on important Métis issues, the Manitoba Metis Federation will be keeping its citizens informed and aware via its website located at

For complete information on how to register, where to vote and advance voting polls, Métis citizens are encouraged to visit Elections Canada website at

August 17, 2015: Updated to reflect the requirement of TWO valid pieces of ID as per Elections Canada rules for Voter Registration - one of which may be your Metis citizenship card. Also added link to MMF Elections information page -


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