Democracy alive and well in Métis Nation British Columbia

June 16, 2011

Abbotsford, B.C. (June 13, 2011) - During the past four weeks, the Métis Nation British Columbia has held a By-election to fill several vacancies within our governance structure. On behalf of the Métis Nation British Columbia, I want to thank all of those who stepped forward to put their names into the hat to run as candidates.

I am pleased to announce that Ericka Lynne Spence is acclaimed as the Youth Representative in the North Central region and Lynette Lafontaine was acclaimed as the Office of Women's representative also in the North Central region.

In addition, Amanda Palumbo is acclaimed and will continue to represent Métis Women of British Columbia in the Kootenay region.

We had elections for the Office of Métis Women B.C. Provincial Chairperson as well as the Office of the Northwest Regional Director. Again, thank you to Leanne McFeeters, Donna Wright, Kim Hodgson and Kelley Williams for letting their names stand as candidates.

I am pleased to announce the successful candidates:

Office of Métis Women B.C. Provincial Chairperson - Donna Wright with 192 votes
Office of Northwest Region 6 Director - Kim Hodgson with 102 votes

I am relieved that the ongoing Postal situation did not interfere with our electoral process. The results go to prove that the MNBC's mail-in ballot process works and that democracy is alive and well across the Métis Nation British Columbia.

There remain a couple of vacancies for Office of the Youth Representative in Region 2 and Office of the Women's Representative in Region 7. The RGC for the Lower MainLand will identify a Youth Representative while the RGC for the Northeast will identify a Women's Rep. and request that the Board of Directors accept the appointments until the general election in September 2012.

Again, on behalf of the 60,000 members of the Métis Nation British Columbia, thank you.

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Ekoushi maaka / until next time!


Bruce Dumont
Métis Nation British Columbia

Métis Nation British Columbia's vision is to build a proud, self-governing, sustainable Nation in recognition of inherent Rights for our Métis Citizens.

Métis Nation British Columbia's mandate is to develop and enhance opportunities for our Métis communities by implementing culturally relevant social and economic programs and services through Teamwork, Respect, Dedication, Accountability, Integrity and Professionalism.

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