Manitoba Metis Federation Congratulates New Provincial Leadership

April 20, 2016

Manitoba Metis Federation Congratulates New Provincial Leadership

Winnipeg, MB – The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) extends sincere congratulations to Premier-elect Brian Pallister and the Progressive Conservative party of Manitoba for their victory in yesterday’s election. The MMF’s President David Chartrand also congratulates all Indigenous candidates on their campaigns, and in particular Métis candidates Bob Lagassé of Dawson Trail and Alan Lagimodiere of Selkirk on their election victories.

“It is wonderful to see Métis candidates running for office,” says President David Chartrand. “Electing Métis representatives ensures we safeguard our traditions, heritage, and ongoing interests of our people. Support for the historical land claim by the Manitoba Métis will protect our birthright so our children and grandchildren can finally receive their due legacy.”

As the Founder of Manitoba, it is integral the Métis have a voice in discussions regarding provincial matters that affect our Métis Citizens.

“The Métis Citizens of Manitoba are hardworking taxpayers. We must have a say in how our tax money is spent,” explains President Chartrand. “We have a right, as taxpayers, to be included in investment decisions. We look forward to working together as partners to map out a strategy that benefits both Manitoba and its Founder – the Métis. We are also pleased to hear the new government’s plans to invest in education, scholarships, and bursaries, which are vital to our province’s future economic growth and security.”

The Manitoba Metis Federation looks forward to meeting Premier-elect Brian Pallister and his new Cabinet, and working with the new government to effectively represent the Métis and ensure our issues are addressed in a respectful, transparent, government-to-government relationship.    


Believe in Yourself; Believe in Métis.

The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) is the official democratic and self-governing political representative for the Métis Nation’s Manitoba Métis Community. The Manitoba Métis are Canada’s Negotiating Partner in Confederation and the Founder of the Province of Manitoba.

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