17-Year-Old Métis Girl Set to Run 420 km to Raise Funds for Drag the Red

April 28, 2016

DUCK BAY, MB – On April 30th, 17-year-old Métis Kayleen McKay will run 420 kilometers from Duck Bay to the Alexander Docks in Winnipeg. She is undertaking this journey to raise money for the Drag the Red volunteer group in honor of her cousin.

In July of last year Kayleen and her family were struck with the abrupt and tragic loss of a family member to suicide. When the police could not recover his body, the family turned to the Winnipeg-based Drag the Red – a non-profit group of volunteers whose sole objective is to sweep the bottom of the Red River looking for clues on recent missing persons.

“It was a feeling of hopelessness for us as a family,” says McKay. “Drag the Red was there to help us and [they] continued searching until he was found. For that, I am extremely thankful to them.”

Kayleen is an avid runner and decided to use her passion to help support Drag the Red. She created a fundraising campaign, Kayleen's Run for Drag the Red, in December of 2015. Since then, she has been preparing for her journey by running 16 to 20 kilometers a day and completing light weight training. She decided to forgo her high school trip to London, England this year so she could dedicate her time more fully to her training.

She is scheduled to run 40 kilometers a day for 10 days starting in the family’s hometown of Duck Bay, Manitoba. She expects to make it to Dauphin for May 2nd, pass through Vogar by the 5th, and continue on to Ericksdale, St. Laurent, and finally the Alexander Docks in Winnipeg by the 10th of May.

To support her efforts, you can visit her GoFundMe webpage located at You may also donate at any RBC using the following account information: 06827 – 003 – 514 – 381 – 3.

The Manitoba Metis Federation is proud of Kayleen for making this run in honor of her cousin and to support the efforts of Drag the Red. The MMF looks forward to meeting her at the Alexander Docks in Winnipeg at the conclusion of her run.


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