MMF to Undertake Fisheries Consultations in Response to Today's Announcement

August 16, 2016

Gimli, MB (August 16, 2016) – Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) President David Chartrand and the Metis fishers attending today's Manitoba government news conference in Gimli, applauded the announcement and are cautiously optimistic about a new direction in provincial commercial fisheries. 

"The province announced its intention to end the Freshwater Marketing Corporation (FFMC) monopoly on fish sales and suggests it will set up an advisory committee," said President Chartrand. "The fishers are asking what does this mean? Who will be on the committee? What are the rules? When can they begin selling their fish outside of FFMC?"

"It's critically important to listen to what the fishers have to say," President Chartrand went on to say. "MMF will commence a process of province-wide consultation with fishers by early fall to develop a coordinated response by fishers to the announcement. In the meantime, the MMF will pursue answers from the provincial government to the fishers' questions and concerns." 

"Our Metis fishers make up a majority of the provincial fishing industry, and their families and communities rely on the fisheries' sustainability and income," explained President Chartrand. "It is critically important that they receive the full benefits of their experience, knowledge, and hard work on the lakes." 


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