MMF Responds to Moose Hunting Ban

July 6, 2011

For immediate release
July 6, 2011

WINNIPEG- Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) President David Chartrand issued a brief statement today in response to the announcement released on Monday by the province detailing their strategy on moose recovery and the temporary ban on hunting in areas of the province.

"The Metis Government is in the process of drafting our own laws and regulations that will clarify our conservation policy," said Chartrand. "There is no question that we must adopt conservation measures to protect our species and their habitats. At the same time there is a need to protect our hunting rights and how we enforce them."

"We also need to establish further clarity on how this prohibition will affect us province-wide and how it may potentially establish pressure in other regions of the province as harvesters seek new areas to hunt," continued Chartrand. "We need to protect both our citizen's rights and policies to protect our way of life for both our current and future generations. We must also consider out-of-province hunters and the impact that they may have on wildlife population. We are prepared to sit down with all stakeholders in order to assist the province in exploring all options and solutions."


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