Louis Riel Monument Restoration and Rededication a Missed Opportunity for Reconciliation

August 31, 2017

Winnipeg, MB – In reaction to the restoration and rededication ceremony for the Riel Monument at Riel Park taking place on Thursday, August 31, the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) is pleased the City of Winnipeg has decided to make this project a priority since becoming aware of its deteriorated condition.
“I am pleased to see Councilor Brian Mayes of the City of Winnipeg take an interest in honouring Louis Riel, Father of Confederation and Leader of the Métis who founded the province of Manitoba,” states MMF President David Chartrand. “We thank the City for spending $10,000 to restore this monument. Winnipeg is, after all, located at the Heart of the Métis Nation. However, it is unfortunate that no one thought to speak to the Manitoba Métis Government. Had the MMF been consulted or made aware of the state of this monument, it would have gladly completed the restoration on behalf of the Métis of Manitoba.”
The original monument’s costs and placement was covered by the MMF back in 1979. Unfortunately, no record was kept at the Manitoba Metis Federation of the monument and its location. If it had been, the Métis Government would have
taken action much sooner to ensure it was properly maintained and cared for.
“The Métis Government commends Councilor Mayes’ intentions in restoring this monument,” further states President Chartrand, “However, it is clearly a missed opportunity by the City. In light of the City’s commitment to a journey of reconciliation with Indigenous people, it is doubly disappointing that it failed to include the Government of Manitoba’s Métis which is located just across the street from City Hall.”
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