Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand Shocked and Disillusioned by Métis Nation's Exclusion from Sixties Scoop Settlement

October 13, 2017

Winnipeg, MB – Today, after consulting with Métis survivors and families of the Sixties Scoop, Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) President David Chartrand conveyed the Manitoba Métis Community’s shock and disillusionment with the federal government’s recent announcement on a compensation settlement in relation to the Sixties Scoop. The proposed settlement excludes now-grown Métis Nation babies and children from any compensation and disregards the stories of Métis survivors and families.

MMF President David Chartrand said, “This is unreal to us. Less than two weeks after Prime Minister Trudeau stood before the United Nations and acknowledged Canada’s history of ‘systematic denial of Métis rights and history,’ this settlement perpetuates Métis Nation exclusion. The colonial history of ‘humiliation, neglect, and abuse’ he spoke of continues through our now-grown Métis Nation babies and children being seen as less worthy, and feeling that their loss of culture and stories mean nothing.” 

President Chartrand released a public letter sent to the federal government today that calls for a Métis Nation specific process to ensure that Métis Nation survivors are properly acknowledged, compensated and respected. In the letter, the MMF rejects statements by some that now-grown Métis Nation babies and children could not be identified because of “a lack of records”. The letter also outlines how the MMF’s Child and Family Services department—through its “Lost Moccasins” project—continues to repatriate Métis babies and children who were separated from their families and community.

The MMF’s leadership called on Canada to do the right thing. “The Métis Nation is one of the founding peoples of this country. We were Canada’s partners in establishing the province of Manitoba. We are one of the three constitutionally-recognized Aboriginal peoples of Canada. We must now work—together—to ensure that all of our Lost Moccasins are acknowledged, treated with respect, provided the opportunity to heal, and compensated like others who have suffered from Canada’s colonial legacy. We will not accept another Métis Nation exclusion like our Métis veterans and Residential School survivors have experienced, and which we still must address in order to advance reconciliation with the Métis Nation,” wrote President Chartrand.

The MMF has requested an immediate meeting on this issue with Canada to develop mutually agreeable way forward on this issue of fundamental importance to the Métis Nation. The MMF also committed to using all of the historic documentation in its citizenship registry as well as historic records from its land claim litigation and courts cases that have established Métis rights in Manitoba to ensure that Métis Nation babies and children are able to be identified and obtain the recognition, respect, apology and the compensation they are so rightly owed and deserve.

“You do not fix a historic injustice perpetuated against Indigenous peoples in this country by inflicting another injustice against one of those Indigenous peoples—the Métis Nation,” concluded President Chartrand.  

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