Manitoba Metis Federation Builds Memorial Dedicated to St. Eustache Veterans

November 11, 2017



Manitoba Metis Federation Builds Memorial Dedicated to St. Eustache Veterans

St. Eustache, Nov 11, 2017 – The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) is unveiling a veteran’s monument in St. Eustache with the names of over 450 Métis and local veterans who served in Canada’s Military. The memorial has been designed by the Manitoba Metis Government and supported by the veterans' families, and the St. Eustache community. The St. Eustache Métis Local identified the need for veterans’ recognition and the MMF provided the necessary funding.


Getting Métis veteran recognition is important because for too long they have gone unrecognized for their contributions and sacrifices for this country. The MMF continues to honour and remember our Métis veterans. The veterans’ names that are on the monument served in the First World War, Second World War, and the Korean War.


The monument will be a permanent display of achievement and sacrifice. As Remembrance Days events are annual, the monument will be a venue for future events and a gathering place for our citizens to honour their families who have served in the Canadian Forces.


The St. Eustache Métis Local hosts a Remembrance Day service each year to provide the opportunity for families of the veterans and community members from the St. Eustache area to remember and show respect.


“We applaud the Manitoba Metis Federation for their commitment in bringing this project to fruition. The monument pays special tribute to the Métis veterans who bravely served our country to preserve peace and freedom at home and abroad. Their service is a contribution for which all Canadians can be grateful and proud,” says Hon. Eileen Clarke, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs.


"I want to thank the Veterans and their families for their past and ongoing sacrifices in protecting our democracy, our freedoms, and way of life," says President of the MMF and Métis National Council Minister for Veterans Affairs David Chartrand.


President Chartrand went on to say, "Today the community of St. Eustache and the Metis Nation's Manitoba Metis have come together at the grassroots to recognize these sacrifices here today with this monument. This is a small step in giving them our thanks for all they have given us. We will continue to pursue that we protect their legacy and all that is due to them and their families. I thank them.”


“It is important to honour and commemorate the sacrifices and accomplishments of our veterans. Today, in St. Eustache, 400 names of Métis men and women who have fought for our nation will be forever remembered,” says Dan Vandal, Member of Parliament for Saint Boniface. 


“Recognizing the sacrifice that our veterans have made should be something that is done regularly, not only during Veterans’ Week,” said Hon. Candice Bergen, Member of Parliament for Portage-Lisgar. “This monument will serve as a constant reminder in St. Eustache, and ensure that all of the brave Metis men and women who have served our country with pride and distinction will never be forgotten.”


"Today we honour and commemorate the contribution and courage of Metis veterans.  Canadian victories in conflict and war came at the great cost of so many Metis lives. We pay tribute to Metis veterans, whose personal sacrifices and bravery helped us build a legacy of freedom for future generations," says Terry Duguid, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South


“It isn’t enough to remember our heroes only one day a year- we need more monuments with names to keep all generations connected to the veterans who gave so much for our country,” says MMF Southwest Region Vice President Leah LaPlante.


Speakers at the ceremony include Métis veteran Ken Beaudin, Hon. Candice Bergen, Hon. Eileen Clarke, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Dale Fossay, Reeve of RM of Cartier, Melissa Porteous, Chair of St. Eustache Métis Local, Leah LaPlante, VP Southwest Region, Anita Campbell, Spokeswoman for Infinity Women Secretariat, and President of the MMF and Métis National Council Minister for Veterans Affairs David Chartrand.


The details of the program are as follows:

·       9:20 am Mass service in St. Eustache

·       10:00 am Welcoming remarks followed by the Unveiling of the Metis Veterans monument which is located in front of the Church

·       11:00 am Service of Remembrance

·       11:30 am Lunch will be served at Cartier Hall


For a list of name and the agenda for today please visit:




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