Manitoba Metis Federation Calling Emergency Meeting to Discuss Fisheries Crisis

January 19, 2018


January 19, 2018

Manitoba Metis Federation Calling Emergency Meeting to Discuss Fisheries Crisis

Winnipeg, MB – MMF President David Chartrand is calling an emergency meeting to discuss issues facing Métis fishers in Manitoba. The call comes after news that Métis fishers are awaiting hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments.

“Our fishers are facing very real, very serious challenges right now,” said President Chartrand. “They have been bound by these long-term contracts which are working against them instead of for them.”

The emergency meeting will take place in February and will address the current state of the fisheries industry and will also examine solutions to shape its future. The MMF is inviting federal Minister Dominic LeBlanc, Fisheries, Oceans and the Canada Coast Guard, provincial Minister Rochelle Squires, Sustainable Development, licensed active Metis fishers and processing plant owners to participate in the meeting. The MMF is also inviting First Nations and other Indigenous fishers to participate in the conversation.

“Our priority is of course to protect Métis fishers, but we realize this is an issue that reaches beyond our community,” said President Chartrand. “Freshwater fisheries are vital to the income and health of Metis families and the economic survival of our towns and villages throughout the province. The industry simply will not survive the way it is structured now.”

Interested fishers and plant owners must register to attend the meeting by contacting the MMF Engagement & Consultation department at 204-586-8474. More information will be shared across MMF communication channels as it becomes available.


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For media information, please contact:

Lindsay Ridgley
Director of Communications
Manitoba Metis Federation

Phone: (204) 586-8474
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