Manitoba Metis Federation Responds to Manitoba Hydro Board's Decision to Resign

March 21, 2018

Manitoba Metis Federation Responds to Manitoba Hydro Board’s Decision to Resign

Federation Calls Out Premier Pallister’s ‘Race Card’ Tactics Against Indigenous Peoples

Winnipeg, MB – Today, in the wake the resignations of nine members of Manitoba Hydro’s board of directors, Manitoba Metis Federation (“MMF”) President David Chartrand and the MMF Cabinet thanked the former board members for their public service and commended them on the principled stand they have taken in the face of Premier Pallister’s refusal to meet with the Chair of Manitoba Hydro for over a year on critical issues related to the finances and governance of Manitoba Hydro as well as matters related to Hydro’s efforts to further develop its relationship with Indigenous peoples.

“I personally want to thank former Chair Sanford Riley, Vice-Chair Steve Kroft, Dave Brown, Earl Edmondson, Jennefer Nepinak, Michael Pyle, Allen Snyder, Dayna Spiring and Annette Trimbee for their honourable service as well as for their dedication and commitments made to the MMF in order to advance reconciliation with the Manitoba Metis Community. The MMF will not allow the work the former Board to be lost through political interference or the new board breaching the former’s commitments and agreements with us as an Indigenous people,” said President Chartrand.

In addition, MMF President David Chartrand publicly called out Premier Pallister for once again using “race card” tactics against Indigenous peoples to divide Manitobans for his own failings.  “Last year Premier Pallister played the “race card” against Indigenous hunters.  Today, he continues his divisive politics by trying to make the resignation of Manitoba Hydro’s Board about a negotiated agreement with the Manitoba Metis Community.  Both of these situations come from the divisive tactics and style of the current Premier—not because of others,” said President Chartrand.

“The former Manitoba Hydro Board reached an agreement with the Federation that finally respects Metis rights in this province, advances reconciliation and saves the Manitoba taxpayers millions of dollars in unnecessary litigation and delays to much needed Hydro projects.  Now, the Premier Pallister will likely cost all Manitobans, including Manitoba Metis Citizens who pay hundreds of millions in taxes to the Province each year, triple that in project delays, litigation and damages. All Manitobans should question the path this Premier is taking us down.”

In 2014, the MMF, Manitoba Hydro and the Manitoba Government signed the Turning the Page Agreement, which set out a new relationship between the parties and a series of processes to resolve outstanding issues between the MMF and Manitoba Hydro in relation to the Bipole III Transmission Line Project as well as future Manitoba Hydro developments, including the Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Line Project. Based on the commitments made in this legally binding tripartite agreement, the MMF and Manitoba Hydro were able to reach an agreement in relation to these issues in July 2017 that has been implemented and relied upon by the MMF and Manitoba Hydro since.  

President Chartrand concluded, “The Manitoba Metis Government will stand up for its Citizens and all Manitobans. The Premier cannot ignore the law, our Constitution or Metis rights in this Province. As proud Manitobans we will not let him divide us.”


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The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) is the official democratic and self-governing political representative for the Métis Nation’s Manitoba Métis Community. The Manitoba Métis are Canada’s Negotiating Partner in Confederation and the Founders of the Province of Manitoba.

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