Deflection, Dishonour and Outright Lies: Premier Pallister's Week in Review

March 23, 2018

Deflection, Dishonour and Outright Lies: Premier Pallister’s Week in Review

What Tall Tales Will the Tall Premier Tell Next?

Winnipeg, MB – After a week that saw the mass resignation of the Manitoba Hydro Board and the Pallister Government repeatedly embarrassed and taken to task in the national news because of its own self-inflicted wounds, Manitoba Metis Federation (“MMF”) President David Chartrand continued to call out the deflection, dishonour and outright lies being advanced by Premier Pallister to cover his own failings.

President Chartrand said, “Premier Pallister’s antics and storytelling this week have made Donald Trump look like a pillar of stability and truth.”

“On Wednesday, the Premier insulted the Manitoba Metis Community by referring to us as nothing more than “special interest group” with no constitutional rights, traditional lands or interests that required the negotiated agreement we have with Manitoba Hydro. Neither the Metis today—nor our children—had any rights he needed to concern himself with.”

“Then on Thursday, the Premier said he couldn't agree to our deal because he was so concerned about the “rights of unborn Metis children” being impacted after he denied Metis had any rights just 24 hours before. The absurdity of this man’s tall tales should be apparent to all. His statements cannot be trusted and are based on outright lies about what our agreement with Hydro actually says.” 

“The Premier’s late onset concern for Metis rights is laughable after his government has repeatedly ignored and denied our rights, hasn't met with the MMF’s leadership for over a year and hasn't lifted his finger to do one positive thing for the Metis Nation since he was elected in 2016. His fake and patronizing concern for our children is also apparent. Is his government going to tell Manitoba Hydro not to sign 50+ year land agreements with non-Indigenous farmers for transmission right-of-ways because he is concerned about the rights of those farmer’s unborn children? Of course not, but his true colours show with his condescending tone to Indigenous governments that have negotiated with Manitoba Hydro.”

“Now, who knows what the Premier’s story will be today? However, I would recommend to him that he take the weekend to get his story straight or at least make up a plausible one. Manitoba Metis and all Manitobans are smart people: we see through deception and tall tales being told by tall men,” added Chartrand.

President Chartrand added, “I would also encourage the Premier to use the weekend to read the Manitoba Government’s own Manitoba Metis Policy which states that the relationship with the MMF will be ongoing, based on mutual respect, reciprocity, understanding, responsibility, sharing and transparency.”

“The Premier should take some time to read this policy, reflect on his recent actions and accusations and issue an apology to our Metis Citizens. He should also issue an apology to all Manitobans. The Premier needs to do his job and begin working with people. His attempts to undermine the credibility and integrity of the honourable men and women who served on Manitoba Hydro’s Board since he appointed them shows this man’s true colours. With a friend like that, who needs enemies.”

President Chartrand concluded by reaffirming that the MMF will fight against political interference in Manitoba Hydro’s agreement with the MMF and the legally enforceable commitment in the 2014 Turning the Page Agreement negotiated with the MMF, Manitoba Hydro and the Manitoba Government.

“Let me be clear: the law and the Constitution of this country apply equally in Manitoba. The days of the Crown being able to deny Metis rights, deceive us and willfully break promises made to us Indigenous people—without legal consequences—are over. The MMF will turn to the courts to uphold the honour of the Crown if the current Manitoba Government has none.”


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