MMF Celebrates Affordable Housing Initiative with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Selkirk

May 14, 2018

MMF Celebrates Affordable Housing Initiative with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Selkirk

Selkirk, MB – The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) has been working to build affordable housing for Manitobans, and celebrated today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony for two newly built homes in Selkirk, Manitoba.

As part of its mandate to supply affordable housing to Métis Citizens, the MMF is engaged in constructing new cost-effective residences throughout the province of Manitoba. The recently completed homes in Selkirk are the latest results of the MMF’s current housing initiative.

Building these homes was made possible through the Government of Manitoba’s partnership with the MMF that began in 2013. The provincial government, through the Manitoba Housing & Renewal Corporation, committed 5.5 million dollars over five years to help create new, affordable housing for Métis families.

"Affordable housing allows our Métis Citizens and their families to maintain a good quality of life," said Minister of Housing for the MMF, Will Goodon. "It helps ensure there is a strong, stable foundation for our Métis children to be raised happy and healthy."

MMF President David Chartrand gave welcoming remarks at the event, as well as Manitoba Families Minister Scott Fielding. Alfred Anderson, Vice-President of the Interlake Region; Larry Johannson, the Mayor of Selkirk; and Sean Hourie, MMF Local Chair, also spoke during the ribbon-cutting.

"Our government is proud to collaborate with the Manitoba Metis Federation because we share the priority of affordable housing. The province has provided more than a million dollars to these two duplexes in Selkirk and is thrilled that this positive, proactive project will make affordable housing a reality for more Manitobans," said Minister Fielding.

MMF’s next housing project will be located in The Pas.


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