Update on Matters of Pallister Court Case: MMF Seeks Prompt Hearing of Claim Against Pallister Government and Manitoba Hydro

June 26, 2018

Update on Matters of Pallister Court Case:
MMF Seeks Prompt Hearing of Claim Against Pallister Government and Manitoba Hydro
Winnipeg, MB – Lawyers for the MMF have now written to Chief Justice Joyal of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench requesting that the MMF v. Pallister case be put into case management in order to secure a prompt hearing of the MMF’s application for judicial review. Legal counsels for Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro have also agreed to seek case management of the matter.
“Our lawyers have been instructed to attempt to have this matter heard as soon as possible. In order to do so, they have written to the Chief Justice requesting case management of the matter. We hope a mutually determined schedule can be set for filing affidavits and cross-examining witness so this matter can be heard in the fall of 2018, when the Manitoba courts resume from summer break,” said President Chartrand.
Chartrand added, “It is essential that the MMF’s judicial review application be heard as soon as possible by the courts. It has implications for Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Line and whether that project can go ahead in a timely manner. The lack of clarity about whether Manitoba Hydro has any ability to even negotiate with the MMF or other First Nations in Manitoba is grinding reconciliation to a halt and making everyone question whether Manitoba Hydro is still a separate Crown Corporation with independence or is it now fully run and directly controlled by Pallister pulling the strings in its negotiations.” 
On June 4, 2018, the MMF filed its application for judicial review against the Manitoba Government for its March 21, 2018 decision to direct Manitoba Hydro to not proceed with an agreement negotiated with the MMF. The MMF seeks to have this decision overturned by the courts because it breaches the honour of the Crown, the Crown Corporation Governance and Accountability Act, the processes set out in the 2014 MMF-Manitoba-Manitoba Hydro Turning the Page Agreement as well as the July 2017 Agreement negotiated with the MMF and approved by the Manitoba Hydro Board of Directors on July 5, 2017. 
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