MMF President Supports Canada in Protecting the Future

October 5, 2018

MMF President Supports Canada in Protecting the Future
Winnipeg, MB – In response to Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister’s announcement to scrap the Made-In-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan’s carbon tax, Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand welcomes the opportunity to implement Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon pricing plan in Manitoba.
In October 2016, the government of Canada developed a plan for implementing carbon-pricing nationwide by October, 2018. Carbon pricing places a tax on pollution and reinvests that money into growing the green economy, mitigating and preparing for climate change. The 2016 federal plan gave provincial governments two years to develop their own approaches to carbon pricing. The federal plan also provided a “backstop” in the event that a province did not develop carbon pricing solutions. This backstop, which Manitoba will now fall under, sets reduced emissions targets, places a levy on fossil fuels, and charges industrial facilities for excessive emissions.

“The lack of vision and the short-term thinking of Premier Pallister is disappointing,” said Chartrand. “Prime Minister Trudeau should be commended for listening to Canadians, for showing leadership, and for developing a plan that reconciles economic growth with environmental protection. For years our Elders have been raising concerns about climate change as they bear witness to an increase in natural disasters and impacts on wildlife habitat. We need to think about the legacy that we leave for our children. By protecting the environment, the Prime Minister’s carbon pricing plan ensures that our youth inherit a clean earth and that the livelihood of our commercial harvesters and fishers is protected. The federal plan is a wise investment strategy, ensuring that we leave a legacy of economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. Placing a price on pollution will make tangible environmental and economic change by moving money from fossil fuels to green innovations. This is an opportunity for the Manitoba Métis Community to work beside other Manitobans and all Canadians to grow the green economy, stewarding the land and waters in accordance with our traditions. We will lead the way in Manitoba in environmentally sustainable economic opportunities.”

One successful example of this type of sustainable innovation is the MMF’s Youth Boreal Forest initiative, an award-winning program that engages youth to preserve the Boreal forest and ensure a sustainable environment. For information on this and other MMF sustainability initiatives, please visit
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