Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand Reacts to Potential Federal Withdrawal of $67 Million Agreement: "Karma Can Be Inconvenient"

October 26, 2018



Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand Reacts to Potential Federal Withdrawal of $67 Million Agreement: 

“Karma Can Be Inconvenient


Winnipeg, MB – Today, Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand reacted to comments made by the Pallister government in the Winnipeg Free Press that they “would regard withdrawal of Manitoba’s LCEF [Low Carbon Economy Fund] allocation as an act of bad faith against Manitobans” and would feel betrayed if Manitoba didn’t receive the $67 million in carbon retrofit funding promised by Canada.

President Chartrand said: “Premier Pallister now finds himself in this situation less than a year after his government took unconstitutional, illegal and improper steps to direct Manitoba Hydro to not proceed with an agreement for this exact same amount with the MMF. The Premier’s statements demonstrate his duplicity and convenient short-term memory.  Karma can be inconvenient.”

In July, 2017, the MMF and Manitoba Hydro reached a legally-binding agreement to address the impacts on Métis rights from various hydro projects, including the Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Line, Birtle Transmission Project, and others. This July, 2017 Agreement was reached according to the processes and commitments in the Turning the Page Agreement, signed between the MMF, Manitoba Government, and Manitoba Hydro in 2014. The July, 2017 Agreement provides $67.5 million to the MMF related to addressing the MMF’s concerns about impacts of hydro development projects on Métis rights. Similar impact benefit agreements have been signed with Indigenous communities all across the country.

On March 21, 2018, the Pallister government unilaterally passed an Order in Council directing Manitoba Hydro not to proceed with the agreement it had reached with the MMF. The MMF is currently challenging that decision through the courts.

President Chartrand concluded that: “While the Manitoba Métis Community would never want our great province or Manitobans to be short-changed, the irony of this situation should not be lost on anyone.  If Premier Pallister expects other governments to act honourably and fulfill their commitments, he should know that his government needs to do the same.”


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