Brian Pallister Deceives the Public on Turning the Page Agreement

November 1, 2018

Brian Pallister Deceives the Public on Turning the Page Agreement
Winnipeg, MB – Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister needs to check his facts. In a media interview on October 31, 2018 Pallister made the following statement about the Turning the Page Agreement signed by the MMF, Manitoba, and Manitoba Hydro in 2014:
"The agreement was signed as a consequence of shutting the Métis out of the process of the hearings around the Bipole West line. It was designed in such a manner as to restrict their ability to participate in the processes that the previous government established. We don’t support that model and we will not support it going forward either. We have too much respect for the people of this province to pay them to not show up at hearings on issues that matter to them."
Nothing in this statement is true. The MMF would like to set the record straight:
1. The MMF and Métis Citizens fully participated in Bipole III hearings and challenged the license issued by Manitoba for Bipole III. The MMF attended these hearings, provided presentations and evidence, and questioned witnesses put forward by Manitoba Hydro. This is all on the public record. In addition, the MMF on behalf of Métis Citizens challenged Manitoba’s decision to issue the license for Bipole III. All of these actions led to the Turning the Page Agreement and an understanding of the effects of Hydro development on Métis Rights and respect for those rights.
2. Turning the Page did not restrict the MMF’s participation in the Bipole III hearings in any way. The 2014 agreement was not signed until after Bipole III hearings had ended and so had no affect on MMF’s participation in those hearings
3. Turning the Page was intended to advance reconciliation and it set out a process for how to address outstanding impacts of Bipole III and other projects on Métis rights. The agreement is a reconciliation agreement that set out how the MMF, Manitoba, and Manitoba Hydro "wish to build a forward-looking, productive and non-adversarial working relationship." Through the processes outlined in the agreement, it set out a clear path forward for how outstanding impacts of Bipole III, and other projects, are to be resolved between the MMF and Manitoba Hydro.
4. Turning the Page did not—and does not—prevent or restrict the MMF’s ability to participate in the review of any project, in any way. The agreement clearly states in Article 3.1.3 that: "nothing…in this Agreement precludes the MMF from: a) participating in regulatory proceedings or reviews relating to Existing Developments and Operations or Future Developments; b) applying for and accessing additional funding from third party commissions, agencies or boards to support the MMF’s participation in proceedings relating to Existing Developments and Operations or Future Developments; or c) making submissions to commissions, agencies, boards or government in relation to Existing Developments and Operations or Future Developments on environmental and regulatory issues."
"Premier Pallister should have taken the time to read this agreement before he unilaterally cancelled it," said MMF President David Chartrand. "He is now trying to twist the facts and re-write history to make his actions look justified. The Turning the Page Agreement is reconciliation in action. His statements make no sense when you look at the history, or at the agreement itself. The truth is set out in black and white. Pallister’s attempts to mislead the public are just another example of his government’s dishonour and disrespect for the Métis.
MMF President David Chartrand commented that: "All Manitobans—including all Indigenous people in this province that have negotiated Community benefit agreements or impact benefit agreements with Crown corporations—should be concerned by this deception and dishonesty."
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