Commemorating Louis Riel's Legacy at a Time of New Broken Promises

November 16, 2018

Commemorating Louis Riel's Legacy at a Time of New Broken Promises
MMF Releases Affidavit in Ongoing Litigation Against Pallister Government
"Like in Our Land Claim Case, The Truth Will Be Told"

Winnipeg, MB – November 16, 2018 marks 133 years since Louis Riel was put to death by the North West Mounted Police. Each year on this day, the Métis Nation gathers at Riel’s grave in Saint Boniface to commemorate his life and legacy.

“I stand here with mixed emotions today,” said Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand. “While with the current federal government, we are beginning to write a new chapter to honour Riel’s legacy and address the federal Crown’s broken promises to our people, we now see the provincial Crown—led by Premier Pallister—breaking new promises made to our people with the same type of malice, deception and disrespect our people faced 148 years ago.” 

President Chartrand went on to say, “Like with our Land Claim case, the truth will be told about the current provincial government’s deceptions. Manitobans will see the dishonesty and contempt the Métis people have suffered at the hands of the Pallister Government. History is never kind to those who mislead and break their promises. History won’t be kind to Premier Pallister and the Ministers who have been his props.”

On November 16, the MMF released its recently filed affidavit in the MMF v. Premier Brian Pallister litigation. The affidavit, sworn by President Chartrand on behalf of the MMF, tells the story of the Manitoba Métis Community’s struggle for recognition and reconciliation over the generations, as well as Premier Pallister’s recent treachery. 

“I am reminded that at his trial Riel said, ‘the truth is good to say.’ We are releasing this affidavit because the truth needs to be said in this province. We want our people, as well as all Manitobans and Canadians, to read and know this story. After reading it, people will understand why Manitoba is now known as a ‘reconciliation-free zone’ in Canada. While I am sure the Premier’s high-priced Calgary lawyers’ next move will be to attempt to limit these facts from getting before the courts, we want the public to know the truth,” said President Chartrand.

President Chartrand concluded, “I believe Riel would be proud of the progress his people have made and that we continue to ‘say the truth’ in the face of the current dark clouds we have over us provincially. Riel’s integrity and strength continues to sustain his people. Today, we honour the man, his family and his people. We will never rest.” 

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