MMF Applauds Bill C-92 as Another Historic Accomplishment by Trudeau's Federal Government

February 28, 2019



MMF Applauds Bill C-92 as Another Historic Accomplishment by Trudeau’s Federal Government

Winnipeg, MB–Today, Indigenous Services Minister Seamus O’Regan introduced Bill C-92 in Parliament. The Bill addresses the disproportionate number of Indigenous children in care by affirming Indigenous Peoples’ inherent right to jurisdiction over child and family services, enabling provisions for Indigenous governments to assume legislative authority, and committing to funding for that authority. 

Ninety per cent (90%) of children in care in Manitoba are Indigenous. In fact, Manitoba is also one of the only provinces where children age out of care at 18 years old. There are currently over 1,200 Métis children in care under the delegated authority of the province. 

“The disproportionate number of Métis children in care reflects a system focused on child removal,” said Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand. “With proper support for prevention services, our Métis children can stay with their families, in our Manitoba Métis Community, connected to our Métis Nation. Traditionally, our People would surround our struggling families and support them. Under provincial jurisdiction, our Métis Children and Family Authority has been chronically underfunded. Often our children are removed under provincial legislation because their families are struggling with poverty. Programs such as the Metis First Time Home Purchase Program go a long way to changing this reality. But we welcome legislation that respects our jurisdiction over our children and families.”

In 2018, then Federal Minister of Indigenous Services Canada Jane Philpott called a national emergency meeting with six points of action. Among the six points of action to reform the current child welfare system, the federal government made the promise to support Inuit and Métis leaders on culturally appropriate child and family services. Today, in keeping with this promise, Bill C-92 commits to supporting Métis Nation children and notes that the inherent right to self-government under section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982 pertains to children and families. 

“This is another important day for the Manitoba Métis Community,” stated President Chartrand. “This legislation would enable the MMF to develop and exercise legislative authority to support our families, and to ensure the well-being of our children. We would be able to create a system that reflects our kinship connections, supports our families, and keeps our children in our Community and connected to our Métis Nation. The MMF celebrates Bill C-92. I applaud Prime Minister Trudeau for his vision and courage to make real change in this country. His commitment to reconciliation with the Métis Nation is more than just words. Time and again we have seen it in action. The Bill today addresses an important piece of reconciliation so that we can keep our children where they belong, with our People.”

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