MMF and Arhuaco People in Colombia Gain National Attention in Recent Trade Talks

May 28, 2019


MMF and Arhuaco People in Colombia Gain National Attention
in Recent Trade Talks

Winnipeg, Manitoba – This week, the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) and the Arhuaco People in Colombia are celebrating their most recent Indigenous-to-Indigenous trade talks in Pueblo Bello and Valledupar, Colombia, and the steps taken to develop potential business deals between their two nations. The partnership includes developing trade in coffee and sugar.

Immediately following the talks, MMF President David Chartrand also met with Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez in Valledupar, Colombia, and received assurance that the Colombian government will support these ongoing economic and development activities.

"The relationship between the Métis Nation and the Arhuaco People has evolved greatly in a relatively short period of time," said President Chartrand. "Now to have the President of the entire country come forward and commit to furthering our mutual interests bodes very well for all parties involved, including Colombia and Canada."

The meeting between Presidents Chartrand and Márquez took place at the Valledupar Airport, just as the Colombian leader arrived to sign a national document which included a commitment to Indigenous Peoples of Colombia.

"Just like the Trudeau government in Canada, the current leadership in Colombia is poised to make great strides when it comes to Indigenous reconciliation," added President Chartrand. "With that kind of approach, we will not only develop economic prosperity for the people we represent, but for all of Canada and Colombia."


In a show of appreciation, President Chartrand presented President Márquez with a traditional Métis Sash.


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