Métis Veteran Honoured As Part of D-Day 75th Anniversary

June 7, 2019


Métis Veteran Honoured As Part of D-Day 75th Anniversary

Following the ceremonies at Normandy, France, to mark the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) President David Chartrand will now make his way to London, England, to personally honour a Veteran.

President Chartrand, who also serves as Minister of Veterans for the Métis Nation, will pay a very important and special visit to Paul DeLorme. Delorme is a Métis Nation Veteran who now resides just outside London.

"My visit is serving two purposes," stated President Chartrand. "Not only do I want to thank Mr. DeLorme for his service, I also want to present him with the compensation he so richly deserves as a Métis Veteran."

DeLorme, who is originally from Saskatchewan, left for Europe to fight during the Second World War. He fought in several legendary battles, including Dieppe. During his tour of duty, he was also taken prisoner.

DeLorme’s story is like thousands of Métis Veterans who volunteered and fought for Canada in campaigns around the world. As part of their service, Métis Soldiers were promised that upon their return from the horrors of war, they would have access to funds and services to help them get a head start and rebuild their lives. Instead, they returned to indifference and systemic discrimination.

"I have been lobbying for proper recognition and compensation for Métis Veterans and their families for the better part of 20 years," added President Chartrand. "Now, thanks to the reconciliatory path of the Trudeau government, that work is about to pay off."

The Federal government has committed $30 million to properly commemorate Metis Veterans and to address past wrongs.

"It will be an honour for me to personally present Mr. DeLorme with a cheque for $20,000 on this visit," said President Chartrand. "While the money cannot erase the horrific memories of war, it will hopefully reassure Mr. DeLorme that the country he risked his life for is truly grateful for his courage."

Along with the announced money, the Trudeau government is working on an official apology to Métis Veterans and their families.


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