MMF Responds to MMTP Approval by Federal Government

June 14, 2019



MMF Responds to MMTP Approval by Federal Government

Winnipeg, MB — Today, the Manitoba Metis Federation ("MMF") welcomed the Government of Canada’s ("Canada") amendments to the certificate conditions for the Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Project ("MMTP") that ensure Manitoba Hydro ("Hydro") will be required to uphold its commitments to the Manitoba Metis Community in order to comply with its federal license.

Canada’s amendments include conditions that:

  • Manitoba Hydro must implement all the commitments it made to the MMF, including commitments such as the July 2017 Agreement and other agreements on the record;
  • Manitoba Hydro must consult with the MMF regarding the development of the Crown Land Offset Measures Plan and the Wetland Offset Measures Plan (the Offset Plans) and develop effective offset or compensation measures for each Indigenous community, including the MMF;
  • The National Energy Board will continue to monitor Manitoba Hydro’s progress on these conditions, including undertaking a robust and rigorous review of Manitoba Hydro’s Offset Plans and consultation requirements.


"We are thankful that Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi has listened to us and evaluated the evidence, that the province and Manitoba Hydro are held to account for their commitments to the Manitoba Metis Community.  It is worth noting that Canada also consulted the Honourable Fank Iacobucci, a former Supreme Court of Canada judge, in order to arrive at this way forward," said MMF President David Chartrand.

As a part of its supplemental Crown consultations on the MMTP, Canada completed a Consultation and Accommodation Report ("CAR") on the project.   The CAR extensively details how Manitoba Hydro, based on the illegal and unconstitutional actions of the Pallister Government, is attempting to avoid the commitments it has made to the MMF.  The licensing conditions approved by Canada require Manitoba Hydro to fulfill those conditions or be in breach of its federal license.

"While the honour of the Crown and reconciliation have been fictions under the Pallister Government to date, we are pleased that Canada has stepped into ensure Metis rights and interests are addressed," added President Chartrand. Now, the question is whether the Premier and the Minister for Manitoba Hydro, will do the right thing and honour those commitments. There is an opening here.  Let's hope real leadership and integrity are shown at the provincial level for the benefit the Metis people as well as all Manitobans."

The MMF looks forward to continuing to engage with Canada, the National Energy Board, and Manitoba Hydro regarding the implementation of the MMTP's licensing conditions, and to ensure that Métis rights are respected and the impacts of the MMTP on the Manitoba Métis Community are fully addressed and accommodated.

The MMF is continuing its challenge against the Manitoba Government's license for the MMTP, however, it is cautiously optimistic that Manitoba will set a new course on the MMTP that does not lead to further delays and costs to taxpayers.  

"I have no doubt, Manitobans would agree that enough is enough and that they want to know their investment in this project is not in jeopardy," concluded President Chartrand. "No one wants to lose hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly up to a billion, when the course has now been set forward."

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