MMF Disappointed by Provincial Election Date

June 20, 2019


MMF Disappointed by Provincial Election Date

Winnipeg, MB — Today the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) is expressing concern over the confirmed election date set yesterday by the Pallister Government.

“The fact the premier has scheduled the election just one day before our scheduled court date sends the message that he is not prepared to resolve the matter of the Manitoba Minnesota Transmission Project (MMTP), which should have been his priority before the election call,” stated MMF President, David Chartrand. “The fact Pallister is prepared to potentially risk over a billion dollars in tax-payer money just to remain in power is something voters need to be aware of.”

The MMF will be working diligently to inform and engage its Citizens leading up to the September 10th vote.

“I do not buy the excuse that this election date has to be rushed so as not to conflict with Manitoba’s 150th birthday celebrations in 2020,” said President Chartrand. “If Pallister cared so much about this province’s history, he would sit down with its Founding People and live up to the agreements and treaties we have worked so hard to create.”

The MMF is ready to launch an initiative called ‘Metis Votes.’ With close to 70 thousand eligible Voters, the goal is to work towards empowering and enlightening its Citizens on Metis-specific issues. The MMF will also be asking the political parties to provide answers to questions relating to the Manitoba Metis’ pressing needs such as, health, housing, education, economic development, youth and elders.  

“The questions to the political parties in the past, have yielded very telling results for our voting Citizens, particularly when it comes to negotiated agreements,” added President Chartrand. “As a Constitutionally Acknowledged Self-Governing Nation, our Citizens need to be informed when it comes to who will truly honour our history and rights.”

“June is National Indigenous History Month. The party that chooses to engage in Action on Reconciliation, deserves the tens of thousands of votes that our Nation can provide,” concluded President Chartrand.


Believe in Yourself; Believe in Métis.

The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) is the official democratic and self-governing political representative for the Métis Nation’s Manitoba Métis Community. The Manitoba Métis Community is Canada’s Negotiating Partner in Confederation and the Founder of the Province of Manitoba.

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