Wab Kinew and NDP Promise to Reinstate Agreements between MMF and Manitoba Hydro

August 30, 2019

Wab Kinew and NDP Promise
To Reinstate Agreements between MMF and Manitoba Hydro
Winnipeg, MB – Today the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) is praising Manitoba New Democratic Party (NDP) Leader Wab Kinew, for promising to reinstate a multi-million-dollar agreement between the MMF and Manitoba Hydro.
"Your word is your bond. It is the cornerstone of which this province and country have been built upon. To always honour your promise," said MMF President David Chartrand. For Mr. Kinew to acknowledge this paramount and essential component of promises given and agreements honoured, is a true reflection of leadership with integrity."
Kinew announced at the MMF’s Annual Elders Gathering, that if the NDP forms government in the upcoming provincial election, it will immediately reinstate the Turning the Page Agreement. That agreement assured the MMF would be adequately consulted for Manitoba Hydro Projects that impact Metis Citizens and traditional lands. It also promised a payment of $67.5 million dollar to the Metis Nation, ensuring replacement for the lack of access to lands that are rightfully available to our Metis Citizens for the next 50 years.
The original agreement was falsely dismissed by Pallister as nothing more than hush money and calling the Metis Nation, the Founders of Manitoba, a special interest group.
"Mr. Kinew understands, this was an all-out attack on the Metis Nation and People," said President Chartrand. "Pallister thought he could bully us and literally tear up legally binding agreements. He thought wrong, and I am delighted to see Mr. Kinew recognize that."
The NDP are the first provincial party to commit to the reinstatement of the Turning the Page Agreement and the Manitoba to Minnesota Transmission Project (MMTP) Agreement. Recently the MMF mailed out questions to the leaders of the political parties to see where they stand on issues that directly affect Metis Citizens.
"The bulk of the questions we have asked of the parties and their leaders deal with issues related to reconciliation," added President Chartrand. "Acknowledging agreements and respecting the inherent rights of the Metis people are in the true spirit of reconciliation. Our Metis Government has the responsibility to inform our Citizens on the policies of all provincial parties vying to represent them in the next provincial government."
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