MMF President Responds to Senator Lynn Beyak's Claim of Metis Status

February 3, 2020

MMF President Responds to
Senator Lynn Beyak’s Claim of Metis Status
Winnipeg, MB – According to a published report by the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), Senator Lynn Beyak, who was appointed by Stephen Harper, called herself Métis while participating in cultural competency training last year. This was clearly an attempt to distract from the problems she has created in what can only be described as racist behaviour. 
In a ridiculous assertion, Beyak is reported to have identified herself as Métis because of her "family’s adoption of an Indigenous child" who became her adopted sister.  
"With this weird and strange sudden pronouncement of Métis identity by Senator Beyak, the Métis Nation needs to unequivocally say that this is not how we identify our citizens," said Manitoba Metis President, David Chartrand. "I want to say in the strongest terms possible that even if she were Métis, the Métis Nation would disavow all of the discriminatory statements and actions that have come from this Senator." 
"The Métis Nation has always been a place of tolerance, right from the days of our first President Louis Riel, who knew we would have to live peacefully with all people," added President Chartrand. "We are working hard to ensure the integrity of the Métis Nation from those who would steal our identity, such as those given citizenship by the Métis Nation of Ontario, with no connection to the Homeland, without having to address the strange thoughts and ideas of this Senator." 
"We deplore the way Senator Beyak has tried to say that it’s ok for her to publish racist comments because she claims to be Métis," concluded President Chartrand. "It is, quite simply, not ok. Stay away from our Nation. Identity theft is a crime."
Believe in Yourself; Believe in Métis.
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