Post-Adoption Métis Citizens


The Central Registry Office has built a positive working relationship with the Manitoba Post-Adoption Registry. This has allowed more Métis people the opportunity to connect with their identity. After the June 15, 2015 amendments to Manitoba’s Adoption Act, individuals adopted in Manitoba gained access to copies of their original birth documents. This change has been significant for MMF applicants adopted outside of their birth families. With the ongoing partnership between the Post-Adoption Registry and the Central Registry Office, we have been able to obtain genealogical information to assist adopted Citizens in obtaining the required genealogy for applications, and help reconnect our kin to the Manitoba Métis Community.

The Central Registry Office has now opened 90 files for adoptees that have the opportunity to undergo genealogical research with the St. Boniface Historical Society. This research has been made possible by the ability to share information through the MMF’s agreement with the Manitoba Post-Adoption Registry. This working relationship with the Post-Adoption Registry has already shown to be beneficial in helping adopted Métis Citizens. To date, 28 adoptee applicants have been successfully reconnected to the Manitoba Métis Community through genealogical research.

If you have been adopted and would like more information about connecting with Métis heritage, please contact the MMF Central Registry Office and we would be happy to assist you.