Vice-President Denise Thomas:

Vice President of Southeast Region
Minister of Sixties Scoop
Minister of Engagement and Consultation
Associate Minister of Land Claims
Executive Committee of Cabinet
Chairperson on the Manitoba Métis Heritage Fund Board

Denise Thomas is currently serving her 33rd year on MMF Cabinet. She is the MMF Vice-President for the Southeast Region and her portfolios include Minister of Sixties Scoop, Minister of Engagement and Consultation, and the Associate Minister of Land Claims. Denise is also part of the Executive Committee of Cabinet, the Chairperson on the Manitoba Métis Heritage Fund Board, and Alternate to the President for MNC.

She is also the proud founding member of both the Louis Riel Capital Corporation and the Louis Riel Institute.

Denise grew up on a farm in the St. Laurent Municipality. Her parents are the late Edgar and Madeleine Sanderson, who were founding members of the Manitoba Métis Federation.
She presently resides in Grand Marais, Manitoba. She and her late husband Wayne Thomas have two sons Byron and Randal Thomas, a daughter-in-law, Susan Thomas, and five wonderful grandchildren.

Denise is passionate about her work and continues to fight diligently for the rights of the Métis.

B300-150 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 0J7

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