Environment and Mining


Historically the Métis have been deeply connected to the lands, waters, and environment which lie within our Homeland. Contemporarily many Métis Citizens work closely within, and rely heavily on, our environment to provide a livelihood, sustenance, and the ability to practice our traditional Métis culture. Your Métis Government understands the importance of protecting and conserving our traditional territory and beyond. It is imperative the MMF works to ensure our environment is protected for ourselves as well as future generations. Without a healthy, sustainable environment, it is not possible to continue many of our traditional social and economic practices or exercise our Métis rights.

As the Ministers responsible for Environment, it is our responsibility to establish and explore traditional methods of stewardship undertaken by our ancestors to cultivate a future that allows for the continued and lasting culture of the Métis Nation's Manitoba Métis. Your Métis Government has the unique opportunity to bridge the generational divide between the traditional practices of our Elders and the adaptive and innovative perspectives of our Youth to ensure that together, the prosperity of our Nation is upheld, and our environment is protected. We are committed to working collaboratively in ensuring our rights are not infringed upon, and all issues concerning the environment are given the utmost attention.


Mining and development projects play a variety of roles in the lives of our Citizens. Many of our Northern Citizens reside in areas where mining has been the primary economic driver and source of employment for many years. The benefits in terms of economic development have allowed for a sense of self-reliance and financial stability for many Métis families. However, the Mining Industry has also led to many negative impacts to our environment which have affected the health and well-being of our Community.

There are new operations being explored across the Province, drawn in by the demand for new resources and products. However, given that the Métis were left out of the First Nations-Manitoba Mining Protocol, Provincial officials and project proponents are not notifying or reaching out to the MMF.

These mining operations pose their own unique opportunities and challenges. As the Ministers responsible for Mining, it is our responsibility to ensure that our Community is properly engaged and consulted on any Mining operations across the Province, and that we are able to best utilize opportunities and avoid negative impacts to our Community.

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