John (Jack) Gordon Park

Jack worked in various industries until he decided to enter politics in 1997 and Served as the Chair of the Selkirk Local for 7 years. He then put his name forward for election in 2003 and was subsequently Elected to 5 Consecutive terms as a Board of Director of the Interlake Métis Association and the MMF Cabinet. Jack is the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, as well as the Chairman of Métis N4 Construction. Jack also sits as a Committee Member on the MMF Finance Committee, Committee Member of the Strategic Planning Committee, Member of the Executive Committee, Vice Chair of the Louis Riel Capital Corporation and most recently appointed to the Métis Veterans Legacy Program Commission as the Chairman.

Jack has been born and raised into Military Life as his father served for 33 Years in the Canadian Armed Forces in various locations across Canada. He also served in the Second World War, Korean War, and the Cyprus Conflict. Jack himself joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1976 and served in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, Borden, Ontario, Edmonton, Alberta, Petawawa, Ontario and finally in Cold Lake, Alberta. Serving as a Supply Technician, it was uncommon to come right out of basic and trades training, to be posted to the most prestigious Regiment in the Canadian Armed Forces, the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Edmonton and Petawawa. Jack did so for 3.5 years and finished his 5 Year Military Career in 1981 in Cold Lake, Alberta.

During his career he has travelled to such places as Bosnia-Herzegovina and Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he earned his American Parachutist Wings with the 82nd Airborne Division. In 2012, Jack was awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal from the National Métis Veteran's Association.

Since leaving the Armed Forces and living in various locations in the West, Jack settled back in Selkirk in 1986 and became the proud Parent of his only child Tabitha. He raised her until she started school, then Jack entered College and attained his Business Administration Diploma in 1995.

Jack is very proud to be granted this position as he now rejoins his Retired Métis Military Comrades in ensuring that our Veterans get the much deserved and long overdue respect. This is all out of Thanks to our National Veteran's Minister, David Chartrand who negotiated over 20 Years to get this deal with the Federal Government.

Externally, Jack is the President of the Selkirk Friendship Centre, the 2nd Vice President of the Manitoba Association of Friendship Centre's and a Board Member of the National Association of Friendship Centre's, representing Manitoba.

Jack is the proud single parent of his only child, Tabitha, Son in Law David, and a proud grandfather to 17-Year-Old Skylar, 8-Year-Old Karson and 1-Year Old Gentry. And of course, his two Chihuahua's, Sandy and Dusty.

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